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Federal emergency grant - Essay Example

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Federal Emergency Grant Name Institution Federal Emergency Grant Catastrophes, disasters and emergencies, are problems that require strategic responses to handle them. However, disasters are different from emergencies in that they result to serious loses for an institution…
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Federal emergency grant
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Download file to see previous pages There is a permanent river in the district thus water is not a problem for the school. Unfortunately, the district lies along fault lines and this makes the school prone to both fire and floods. Tornadoes and hurricanes are common in that region posing eminent danger to the school. Its geographical position facilitates road accidents thus putting the students in danger. During the rainy seasons, students have a tendency of drowning in the rivers and springs as they walk home (Coppola, 2013). Currently the schools facilities are not in the right condition for emergencies. The buildings are weak and poorly constructed. The roof which is prone, to both hurricanes and accidents is not well attached. The school management has not tapped water and the students fetch water from the river exposing them to considerable danger. San Marcos lacks adequate fire extinguishers within the school compound. The kitchen is not well aerated, and this is risky for the staff. The classrooms have wide windows and in case of strong winds, they are easily blown off resulting to enormous losses for the entire school community. In addition, latrine pits are not deep enough thus during floods they overflow a situation that is health hazardous to everybody (Coppola, 2013). As a result of the many risks and threats to the lives of students and staff, the school has developed an emergency training program. This is to equip everybody in the school community with necessary skills in case of danger. Trainings are conducted by two bodies; the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Emergency Response Institute (ERI). There has also been the creation of awareness to all people on existing hazards and how to avoid them. By engaging the students and teachers in such programs, the management reduces the number of causalities during an emergency. Hotlines have been created for contacts when necessity arises in the school. This ensures quick response when needed by the school community. The high population in Texas offer increased manpower in case of an emergency. The fire emergency department is well situated for any hazard; they also train the students and teachers on firefighting skills. Proper planning ensures that the community has the required resources to fight arising disaster (Condrey, 2010). San Marcos district school is entitled to receiving grants from the education department. It satisfies all qualifications required the law. It is a community based institution that benefits the people around it thus should receive the government's support. With all the underlying threats, the school should receive a greater allocation compared to other schools in the district. This is because the classes need to be repaired and the roofs replaced. The fence should be tall and strong enough to act as a wind breaker. All these measures are in response to emergency preparedness in the school. Toilets ion the school should be rebuilt, and deeper pits dug to avoid tragedy during floods. A wide bridge should be constructed across the river so as to avoid cases of children drowning during the rainy season. Fire extinguishers should be installed in proximate distances around the school and often serviced. To undertake in all these activities money is required that is why grants will be effective for the school administration (Coppola, 2013). This project is essential in improving the health and securing the lives of all individuals in and out of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Federal Emergency Grant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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