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Literature Critiques - Research Paper Example

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Literature Critiques Introduction The study authored by Blom et al (2012) sought to determine the levels of efficiency of Hoodia gordonii extracts HgPE on energy intake and body weight on a sample of healthy but overweight women. Hoodia gordonii is a plant species, which is present in the Southern parts of Africa and believed to contain some steroid glycosides that are known to decrease the appetite for food and control body weight in animals…
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Literature Critiques
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Download file to see previous pages The control group comprised of another 24 overweight women, also stratified by the percentage of their body fat, but subjected to a placebo. The observation period of the study was 15 days. Both substances were administered to the subjects before breakfast and dinner. Generally, the methodology adopted for this study might be considered as suitable for the kind of tests that were required. Probably, the only shortcoming might be in the context of the time period of the experiment. A fifteen day period might not be sufficient to analyse changes of significance in patterns of behaviour and variations of body weight. It is possible that the study would have produced different results had it been subjected to a lengthier period of time. The methodology involved the collection of blood samples of steroid glycosides were collected on a daily basis in order to determine the levels of concentration over time. Steroid glycoside samples levels were determined in the blood plasma as an indication of the exposure to HgPE. Results The results of the experiments did not show any significant variations in body weight between the HgPE group and the placebo group. However, some notable differences were observed in terms of the levels of tolerance between the two groups. From the results, the group that was subjected to placebo was more tolerant to the treatment than the group, which was subjected to HgPE. It would therefore be concluded that the HgPE extract does not have sufficient impact on the patterns of diet and body weight. It would appear that the major differences that occur between the groups have less to do with the value of the extract as a diet supplement. On the whole, the extract appears to have more negative consequences on the group than positive ones. According to the results of the study the HgPE values showed a higher level of significance over the placebo group (Bloom et al, 2012). The mean difference of the HgPE group between the first and the sixteenth group reached 6.3 (Bloom et al, 2012). The results also showed that the ventricular heart rate of the HgPE group was significantly higher at the significant level of 0.05. The follow-up period showed that the baseline level returned to 69.2 +8.7kg while the baseline for the HgPE group reached 66.4+ 8.5 kg (Bloom et al, 2012). The measurements on the fifteenth day of the experiment showed no significant effect on percentage body fat. The results showed that the percentage body fat were 37.4+ 5.6% for the HgPE group. The same results indicated that the percentage body fat for the placebo group was 36.3+6.1% respectively (Bloom et al, 2012). From these results it is possible to determine that the supplements did not have any significant impact on the body weight of the respondents. As such, the experiment was refutation of the fact that supplements have the capacity to alter changes in the manifestation of body weight and other attributes that go with matters of diet. It would seem that other strategies are necessary to obtain a reduction in the body weight. Comparative Analysis The methods and findings of this study could be matched with a separate conducted by Pitler and Ernst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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