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M1 Theory, Research, & Practice Discussion - Assignment Example

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M1 Theory, Research, & Practice Paper Name: Institution: Dental Care Access for Poor Access to dental care emerges as a major challenge in the promotion of good health especially oral health in different parts of the world. Dental care access remains a great challenge for people of the lower socioeconomic status and minority groups…
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M1 Theory, Research, & Practice Discussion
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Extract of sample "M1 Theory, Research, & Practice Discussion"

Download file to see previous pages The lack of educated people, especially health care professionals and dentists among the poor or their neighborhood emerges as a major barrier to the access of dental care and general oral health. According to Kronenfeld (2007), research on ethnic disparities in dental health care access has shown that those in the minority ethnic groups and with lower socioeconomic status have limited access to dental care. Most of these people have the desire to utilize dental care services available but are limited by financial or affordability reasons and the lack of knowledge about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. The disparity between the rich and the poor in dental care access continues to widen with primary determinant being individual financial status. Generally, dental care is mainly provided by private sector in which the services are provided on the basis of fee-for-service making it extremely difficult for people earning little income capable guarantee them the basics (Acton, 2011). Provision of dental services by private practitioners and health institution has greatly influenced the accessibility and availability of such services to the people with the lower socioeconomic status. This accounts for the increased dental health problems associated with the people living under deplorable circumstances. Theory is important in studies about dental health care access in community because it informs the research and practice on the importance of dental care and the factors that influence accessibility and availability of the dental care services. It is important to theoretically correlate the various factors that may influence provision of the crucial service to all people within a community. On the other hand, research is important in establishing or confirming the relationship between the factors purported by the theoretical aspect through examination of the real situation on the ground. Research is instrumental in understanding and the relating the theory obtained from the various information sources with the actual situation on the ground as depicted by the research activity. In my master’s education level, research has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge as well as acting as a new learning ground. In terms of practice, the research and theory aspects will be critical as practice my profession through proper understanding and addressing of issues arising during my practice. The two aspects form a strong foundation for my career and provide a good way of cementing important knowledge that I require in order to practice or execute my duties professionally. In conclusion, dental care access remains a great challenge for the lower socioeconomic status people due to affordability issues and lack of adequate information on the importance of maintain good oral hygiene. Theory, research and practice are important aspects in my master’s level education have so play a critical role in assisting me to relate and understand issues in my profession. References Acton, A. (2011). Issues in healthcare management, economics, and education: 2011 edition. London: ScholarlyEditions. Kronenfeld, J. (2007). Access, quality and satisfaction with care: concerns of patients, providers and insurers. London: Emerald Group ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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