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Video Laryngoscopy - Research Paper Example

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Video Laryngoscopy [Author] [Institution] Video Laryngoscopy Intubation is needed when general anaesthesia is given. During anaesthesia it becomes impossible for the patient to breath adequately as the sedatives given in anaesthesia paralyzes the diaphragm…
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Video Laryngoscopy Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Video Laryngoscopy"

Download file to see previous pages Oral intubation can be performed by either direct laryngoscopy or video laryngoscopy. Primarily the video laryngoscope was used by the anesthesiologists when faced with difficulty during intubation. The high success rate of video laryngoscopy while dealing with difficult and complicated air ways have led professionals to acknowledge it as a beneficial tool in pre-hospital setting.(Hurford, 2010).   The three main components of a successful intubation Intubation is successfully done with the help of skilled technicians, the use of accurate tool and of course a good technique. Skilled clinicians Clinicians should be highly trained in order to perform intubation as it might follow complications. A report states that 31% of tracheal intubation resulted in failure in the Greater Miami area (Pouliot). The failure is because the paramedics less frequently operate cases that require tracheal intubation. It has also been observed that all paramedics are not efficiently trained to carry out intubation. Moreover, a number of paramedics are usually assigned tasks such as on the fire apparatus or the ambulance. Hence the paramedics remain less acquainted with the procedure of intubation. Some paramedics have just placed one or two tubes in a year. This criterion has put forth a challenge for the medical directors and the service training staff as they have to refresh the paramedics frequently on this critical skill. Lack of sufficient practice has resulted in misplaced endotracheal tubes by the paramedics. A lot of problem is faced during intubation in a moving ambulance and in the tight confines and configurations presented by the helicopters. All the above mentioned reasons stresses the use of video laryngoscopy for intubation.(Heightman, 2011). The estimated training period for the paramedics is around 1000 hours or more. Yet it is less than the training and educational period of the anestheologists who spent years in medical education after which they are legible for a doctorate degree. Although the program length of the CRNA is 24 to 36 months but one year experience is required in an acute setting such as an emergency room and complete additional training in a large hospital setup to acquire the degree of a CRNA. In USA the CRNA are expected to devote 1800 clinical hours and administer 800 anesthetics at one out of many clinical programs available throughout USA. Hence comparatively the paramedics are insufficiently trained to conduct tracheal intubation. The training process of video laryngoscopy is not complicated. In fact the techniques of video laryngoscopy can be easily mastered by the paramedics in comparison to the techniques applied in direct lyrangoscopy. Hence it facilitates paramedics who are working in less than optimal circumstances. Method used Among the two methods of intubation endotracheal intubation is the most acknowledged method whereas nasotracheal intubation is conditionally performed. In a survey the success rate of first-pass intubation and time to intubation showed no differences with video laryngoscope or direct laryngoscope when endotracheal intubation was being conducted by the experts. However differences were appreciable when performed by the non experts. Hence this shows that paramedics who are less skilled in performing endotraceal intubation will be at an advantage by using video laryngoscopy. In endotracheal intubation the video laryngoscope serves to provide better visualization of the glottis than the direct ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Video Laryngoscopy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Video Laryngoscopy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Video Laryngoscopy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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