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This essay presents a personal analysis of health and safety strengths of the researcher. The researcher considers himself as a security-conscious person, that value all personal relationships as their value in terms of love, warmth, comfort and of course security…
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Personal Health and Safety
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, I plan to go out more often and attend some neighborhood meets or events in which some issues are being discussed; if I cannot make some inputs towards the discussions, then at least I am aware of the latest news around my residence. My intended plan of action regarding my neighbors is to get to know them better and perhaps even contribute to the community efforts to improve our neighborhood environment. This will also allow me to get the latest bit of news regarding crime rates in our place because the high unemployment rates had maybe contributed to a rise in crime rates too. People who are out of work and desperate enough will do anything to survive and some resort to crimes. A course of action is to apply for some volunteer work with a non-government organization that will help the unemployed find meaningful work, even part-time work that will help to keep them away from a life of crime, since resorting to crime is an easy way out for them. I also intend to be more discriminating when selecting my friends. I can consider it a risk because right now, I am too trusting with some people who may have ulterior motives and in the process might take advantage of my trusting nature or exploit my vulnerabilities. This is a pre-emptive step or a precautionary measure on my part before anything untoward happens. When going out to parties, I will be more careful about the people who attend there. It includes not accepting drinks just from anyone who offers a drink or go out and leave with them just after a few minutes of casual talk, as I now realize it is a dangerous act on my part. I also need to be more careful when going on-line...
The researcher states that "People will act the way they do based on your reactions, so in this regard, I am careful not to transmit any signs of my weakness to anybody because they will think that I am vulnerable and can be manipulated. Further, I do not trust people easily, especially those whom I had just met and this is a principle I try to always follow at all times. I am not fond of walking alone in dark alleys or unlighted streets either as this may invite some opportunistic predators." This essay also focuses on the analysis of the improvements, that the researcher aims to gain in his relationships with the family, neighbors and school friends. The researcher states that "When going out to parties, I will be more careful about the people who attend there. It includes not accepting drinks just from anyone who offers a drink or go out and leave with them just after a few minutes of casual talk, as I now realize it is a dangerous act on my part. I also need to be more careful when going on-line and in giving out the personally-identifiable information (PII) required of some Web sites which can appear to be legitimate but are not." It can be concluded that an insight, that the researcher got from all the lessons and readings from the essay is to allow his courage to prevail in most situations that require it, but not to be foolhardy if a situation calls for sobriety, calm, reason or group effort. However, the researcher no longer hesitates to render his assistance whenever he see another person in distress and help. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Health and Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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