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The Influence of Knowledge Skills in Conveying Patient to Hospital - Essay Example

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Name: Course: College: Tutor: The influence of knowledge skills in conveying patient to hospital As a paramedic, one is at the disposal of knowledge that aids him or her in determining which medical condition are worth being treated in hospitals and which ones can be managed from home (Sear & Mani-Babu, 2011)…
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The Influence of Knowledge Skills in Conveying Patient to Hospital
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Extract of sample "The Influence of Knowledge Skills in Conveying Patient to Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages There are many benefits of managing minor ailment at home without necessarily conveying the patients to hospital. One of them is cost cutting measures, minor ailments constitute to almost 80% of costs in UK hospitals, this cost relates to the time spend by the doctors in consultation and more than 91 % in prescriptions. In addition, the time and money spend by the patient are greatly reduced if minor ailments are handled from home (Blackham et al, 2008). One of the common ailments that occur from time to time especially among sports men and women in ankle injury. The nature of the ankle is complex because of its ability to undergo a wide range of movement flexion, eversion, extension and inversion among other movement .It can transverse the uneven ground through the various movements, can support the full weight of the body especially during activities like running and jumping. The ankle indeed has special feature of the human body. When an ankle sprains it is important to carry out a detailed assessment based on the history and patient assessment to make the right decision on whether to convey to hospital or not. One of the best and commonly used assessments for ankle sprain is the Ottawa Ankle Rules (Stiell et al 2008). Ottawa Ankle Rules are simple guidelines put in place by the National Health Service to help emergency physicians in making decisions on whether to use radiography for patients with ankle injuries. These guideline are instrumental towards reducing the use of radiography on ankles, the time wasted in waiting for radiography processes and inflated costs related to radiography among other procedures in the hospital. Clinically, it may not be easy to differentiate between a fracture from a severe sprain, that is the main reason why X rays are carried out. X rays point out the obvious distortion to the ankle or any instability. The Ottawa Rules awe developed in 1992 to reduce the total number of X rays that are unnecessary and at the same time miss out on possible X rays. They are applicable to adults as well as children (Keogh et al, 1998). To successfully carry out an assessment on the ankle, it is vital for a paramedic to understand the anatomy of the ankle. There are two joints that control the movement of the ankle, the true ankle joint commonly referred to as the tibiotalar joint, this joint controls the articulation between the lower side of the tibia, the talus body and the two alleoli. It allows dorsiflexion and the plantar flexion of the ankle. The subtalar joint is the other joint, it controls articulation between the talus and the calcaneus, it makes is possible for the joint to control inversion and eversion of the ankle (Anis et al, 1995). There are a number of ways that a paramedic can use to determine whether a patient should be conveyed to the hospital or not. As stated earlier some of the benefits of not conveying a patient to the hospital include chances of reducing the likelihood of radiography, reducing the entire cost that is likely to occur due to prescription and consultation fee. It also promotes the use of home made remedy that is encouraged for minor ailment (Keogh et al, 1995). Apart from detecting the real cause of a medical problem, radiography has a number of side effects. Some of them include nausea, overexposure of the skin to light which may later cause skin cancer, dizziness and fatigue. Thus as a paramedic it is important to extensively asses a fracture or sprain to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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