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Annual Mammography Screening: Is it Necessary - Essay Example

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Annual Mammography Screening: Is It Necessary? Name University Name Introduction: Hegar et al (2012) had conducted a study on the process of annual mammography on women and its need. Their concern of the study was focused on the women being diagnosed with breast cancer within a year of a formerly benign mammogram, benign mammograms referring to Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System 1 or 2…
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Annual Mammography Screening: Is it Necessary
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Extract of sample "Annual Mammography Screening: Is it Necessary"

Download file to see previous pages Critical Review of the Research Design and Methodology of the Study: As far as the research design and methodology of the study is concerned, it can be said that the study has not been based on a widened approach of coming to any proper conclusion. This is primarily because the only the patients review of a particular medical centre have been considered for the study depending on which an understanding of the need for screening mammography has been tried to be justified. The methodology does not prove to include enough research work or enough evidence supporting the concerns of the study. Only a particular section of the patients in the medical centre has been involved in the review and very little secondary research work has been considered. Hence it can be criticised that the study has not been provided enough time and research efforts such that it may be able to contribute to breast cancer diagnosis in women significantly. Analysis of the Research Steps: Issues Associated with the Study: The research study has included the reviews on the patients considered for the study. ...
The patients have been studied to determine the time span after which the patients reflected diagnosis of the cancer post the performed screening mammography. Certain secondary studies have also been considered in the research that tried to determine the effects or benefits of screening mammography on a regular term (Hegar et al, 2012, pp.104-106). Considering the relevance of the study with the researches conducted, it can be said that the researchers had involved relevant data in their study as far as understanding the need for mammography is concerned. However the evaluation of the information available has not been conducted effectively towards any proper conclusion. The information is not sufficient to state anything evidently towards the need for mammography. This is primarily because the sample size of the study is very small and limited to a particular medical centre. Hence it can be said that the selection of the sample has not been suitable considering the broad and wide approach of the concern of the study. Considering the biasness of the study, it can be criticized that the study from the beginning till the end has tried to focus on the fact that screening mammography every two years might delay the process of diagnosis, or that such screenings are needed on a regular basis for early diagnosis and treatment of the cancer patient. Although based on some studies, the negative effects of regular mammography have also been mentioned, but the study has been focused on a particular point before it could be proved through evidences. It is true that the study has not been based on the selection of the patients in biased pattern and that the patients were selected from all races. Although the intension of the study was to determine an ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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