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Practice Act : Physical Therapists - Assignment Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Physical therapists Considering New Jersey and Vermont, a physical therapist is a trainee who has met the conditions that set by the statute and has a license to provide care and services of physical therapy, which include examination, testing and evaluation of patients…
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Practice Act Assignment: Physical Therapists
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Physical therapists Considering New Jersey and Vermont, a physical therapist is a trainee who has met the conditions that set by the statute and has a license to provide care and services of physical therapy, which include examination, testing and evaluation of patients. In the same states, an assistant physical therapist is a person who works under the supervision from the physical therapist and has the license to perform a selection of physical therapy sessions. The initials in use include PTs for physical therapists and PTAs for physical therapists assistants, as well as PT aides who according to the statute in both states follow instructions given to them by the physical therapists. In the same field, there is DPT which initializes for physiotherapists; these are the most appropriate initials in both states. On licensing, the statute clearly states that everyone who has the intention of being a physical therapist practitioner, or giving themselves the title of a PT or PTA without obtaining a license in accordance to the clause in the chapter on physical therapists. Further no person should attempt to conduct or practice the work of a physical therapist or the assistant if the license gets revocation or is on suspension. The licensing is such that any person conducting therapy without permission is subject to penalties under the provision in the various clauses. The exceptions include students practicing physical therapy programs before graduation, physical therapists or there assistant who have an enrollment from other federal agencies as well as distance consultation therapists. The definition of supervision depends on the education qualifications of the therapist, where supervision includes giving direct instruction to the juniors which need to undergo implementation. There is no clear definition of the supervision clause in both states. In both states, the physical therapist is under the supervision of the director of professional regulations who also issues the licenses. The physical therapist assistants and the physical therapist aides receive supervision from the physical therapist (Trisha 58). To determine the ratio of PTAs ratio of supervision, there is an observation that, PTAs were in attendance thirty five percent of the total time; there was no supervision during this time. The rest of time which was sixty five of the total percentage, they had supervision from the PTs, thus responding to question, the ratio of supervision of PTAs was 10 to 20 meaning that two PTAs had the supervision of one physical therapist. The PTAs who have more training and thus have more experience in the field have less or no supervision form the physical the physical therapist (Kathleen 560). The professional regulations body outlines that the PTs and PTAs should wear their name tags most of the time. This to ensure identification of the work designation to each therapist, the letters on the name tags should include their names and the work they should do. According to the Vermont statute, the names of the therapists should have block letters to help in identification from a far. The rank of the therapist is essential for patients to identify them. In New Jersey, there is no clear stipulation as to whether they need their name tags. Rather, the therapy institutions provide the name tags for identification rather than as a formality from the licensing body (Dreeben 56). The PTAs have to get permission from the PTs before signing any documentation; this is to avoid collusion and lack of expertise. For a PTA to sign a document without consorting with the supervising authority, they have to get a license from the right jurisdiction to do the signing and documentation. The statutes further provides that the PTs and PTAs may have their licenses as long as they have the right qualification, else if the PTAs undergo training they should obtain another license showing that they can conduct the work of a therapist with minimal supervision. There is no revocation of the license due to lack of education advancement. The statute provides that if the PTAs do any signing on the documentation, the document should show that the PTA had the authority of the PT who is the supervisor (Trisha 58). The licensing body has given stipulation for any physical therapist. They include the sexual abuse clause which states that if the therapist is in any way shows sexual advances to the patients, there is confiscation of the license and the therapists’ license is under suspension. If they persist, there is revocation of the license and the therapist cannot conduct their business normally. The statute provides that such therapist also should have charges against them in a court of law for showing unprofessional behavior as seen in the physical therapist subject clause (Krumhansl 45). Work cited Kathleen, Curtis. Physical Therapy Professional Foundations: Keys to Success in School and Career. New Jersey: SLACK Incorporated press, 2009. Krumhansl, Bernice. Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers. London: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2005. Olga, Dreeben. Introduction to Physical Therapy for Physical Therapist Assistants. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2006. Trisha, Hawkins. Careers in Physical Therapy. Rome: Rosen Publishing Group, 2009. Read More
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