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The Importance of Accountability Paper - Essay Example

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Complete Name: Course: Title: The Importance of Accountability (a) Why is accountability important in the healthcare industry?  It usually takes more subjective realization for a healthcare administrator to place value on accountability though being accountable is objectively imposed or sworn for in a medical institution…
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The Importance of Accountability Paper
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Accountability Paper"

The Importance of Accountability (a) Why is accountability important in the healthcare industry?  It usually takes more subjective realization for a healthcare administrator to place value on accountability though being accountable is objectively imposed or sworn for in a medical institution. A professional in the healthcare industry ought to recognize that a sense of accountability, more than duties performed, is important for it is an inherent virtue that furthers the extent of patient care or creates an atmosphere which becomes more conducive for developmental recovery or treatment of the sick. In the light of accountability, a medical worker deeply understands the cause behind quality healthcare and personalized service. By taking into account what matters most for each person under care or treatment besides the mere obligation of knowing and administering necessary tools and procedures, healthcare provider becomes able to fulfill the heart of sincere medical mission. With accountability, employees of a health institution further signify the essence of productivity, time management, as well as efficiency in carrying out tasks that address client demands with the highest level of resolution possible. (b) How is an employee’s accountability measured in the healthcare industry? One such instance of finding whether a healthcare worker has been able to perform duties with some degree of accountability is on making rounds when certain colleagues go absent for some reason. An employee may be evaluated for his accountability of going an extra mile to give time in looking after a patient whose assigned doctor or therapist becomes unavailable regardless of the grounds declared by the latter. In the state of Alaska specifically, performance accountability measures are implemented based on the information supplied by personal clients or a more general population on which performance-based surveys are conducted. Utilizing this approach enables generation of data from which distinction between the quantity of work rendered is measured against or distinguished from the quality of healthcare service to a fair extent. (c) What does a checks and balance process look like in a successful organization?  Through a journal contributed by a writer under the pseudonym ‘Brainpolice’, the government is exemplified to model such organization in stating--“The standard definition of checks and balances is that the state must be broken up into multiple segments that function as checks against each other’s power and perform different functions, while these segments still remain within one central institution.” To achieve success, this statement exhibits a picture wherein a system of equilibrium works for organizational members to employ and gain back accountability with one another so that while in this course of action, assurance that tasks are fulfilled with adequacy and well-roundedness is present. (d) How does accountability affect an organization’s working culture?  Since the rather intrinsic property of accountability reflects as a trait visible through a set of deeds and work performance of an individual within an organization, this would necessarily serve either as a factor of motivation or of discouragement as perceived in a working culture. During one interesting discourse on performing healthcare, Peter Pronovost M.D., Ph.D. of John Hopkins Medicine criticizes transparency-deficient hospitals whose prevailing arrogance has brought about significant losses and risks in the crucial lifesaving attempt. Pronovost refutes “It’s unconscionable that so many people are dying because of these arrogance barriers ... You can’t have arrogance in a model for accountability.” Even if only a small number of personnel are held responsible for acts that lack accountability, outcomes indicate how undesirable attributes of the former establish a pattern that is likely to be followed by others in an organization with poor levels of accountability overall. (e) How can you maintain a positive working culture and avoid a working culture of blame?  In order for me to maintain a favorable employment culture, I would make it a point to find time to meditate on personal goals and vision that are pertinent in coincidence with the principal objectives of a genuine healthcare profession. I am confident that by constantly allowing myself to be contemplative on the nature of work in relation to the heart of my career interest, I would have the chance to examine perspectives at depth and eventually think of ways by which I can improve myself on account of impacting change and fresh insights that can move others to respond with positive attitude at work also. Executing around the three essential components of accountability namely – the loci of accountability, the domains of accountability, and the procedures of accountability, I believe that a working culture of blame may be prevented. Read More
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