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The Role Exercise Plays in the Maintenance of Health - Essay Example

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The role of exercise in treating for coronary artery disease and other associated issues for Mrs. Patel Scenario Mrs. Patel lives in the UK, but is originally from Gujarat. She is a 56 year old woman who has always had trouble with controlling her body weight and has never had a habit for regular exercise…
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The Role Exercise Plays in the Maintenance of Health
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Extract of sample "The Role Exercise Plays in the Maintenance of Health"

Download file to see previous pages As well, the loss of estrogens has contributed to a lowered natural tolerance to physical activity and increased the amount of weight that she is holding over her ideal weight (Collins 2007, p. 381). Recently, Mrs. Patel experienced chest pain and after a visit to the hospital was diagnosed with angina, which indicates that she has coronary artery disease. Considering her age, country of origin, weight problems, and her current diet, it is clear that in addition to coronary artery disease Mrs. Patel has the potential to develop other age, weight, and lifestyle related problems. The British Heart Association (2004, p. 6) has stated that South Asian people are 50% more susceptible to the event of heart disease than other cultures. Women from South Asia are more likely to suffer from obesity, with type 2 diabetes being at a rate that is six times that of the general population (The British Heart Association 2004, p. 48). Mrs. Patel is part of a population group that not only has high risks for heart disease, but for type 2 diabetes as well, so the need to change some elements of her lifestyle has a farther benefit than just affecting her current diagnosis for angina. Menopause, heart disease, and exercise Because of the changes that occur in the body during menopause there is a documented increase in heart disease in women over the age of 55 by a rate of 10-fold (Collins 2007, p. 381). Cholesterol and triglycerides increase while HDL cholesterol decreases during the post-menopausal period. During the ten to fifteen years post the onset of menopause, which begins anywhere from the age of 45 to 55, the drop in estrogens is in direct proportion to the increase in heart disease experienced in women. Increasing the rates of exercise can significantly reduce symptoms of menopause caused by the reduction of estrogens. Symptoms such as depression, hot flashes, and insomnia can be positively affected through the use of an exercise program. The social aspect of life can be positively affected through developing a community with which to engage in daily exercise. In addition, there is some evidence that women, more than men, can experience an appreciated increase in lipid/lipoprotein benefits over an extended time period of regular exercise (Collins 2007, p. 382). Exercise helps the heart to function, training the muscle to function at a higher rate so that it becomes more efficient in performing its tasks. The heart will transport and deliver the nutrients the body needs as well as its requirements for oxygen. In addition, the pumping of the heart will clear away metabolic toxins (Wilmore, Costill, and Kenney. 2008, p. 141). The result of exercising the heart is that there is an overall reduction in the heart rate, allowing it to work at a less stressed rate. Pushing the heart so that it is forced to work harder allows for the systems of the body to all increase their efficiency, thus providing for an overall benefit to the body that will perpetuate that efficiency long after exercise has been finished for the day. The endocrine and metabolic systems respond to the use of exercise as well as the glycogen is stored more efficiently in trained muscles so that the mechanisms used in synthesis are more efficiently stimulated. This contributes to the more efficient use of insulin which helps to provide for decreases in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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