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For Rutgers University - Personal Statement Example

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My interest in the field of pharmacy began during the period in my childhood when I began to understand that the bitter tasting liquid that my mother called medicine was given to me when I was ill to make me feel better and eventually heal from whatever ails me…
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Personal Statement for Rutgers University
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Download file to see previous pages I knew that I wanted to learn more about how medicines are created and how it interacts with our immune system in order to prevent us from becoming ill or falling ill. As my parents began to age and their medicines began to pile up, my eyes were opened to the knowledge that medicine was not only for keeping one away from illness but also for lengthening ones lifespan. I felt this bursting desire to learn as much as I could about the world of pharmacy and how it affected the world and people around me. I had lived my life observing the local pharmacist where my parents bought their medication. I had asked him as much questions as he could during the dead hours when I would hang out at the pharmacy just to be able to watch him in action. In fact, I believe it was the local pharmacist who influenced me into delving deeper into pharmacy with the possibility of turning it into a career. My career in the medical field actually started when I volunteered my time at a local hospital in order to help out in their maternal fetal medicine department on the days when I did not have any classes. I began my volunteer shift working in the backroom / office department. Here I learned the inner workings of a hospital pharmacy as I helped the regular employees fill out paperwork, organize patient charts, and basically just helped out wherever and whenever I could. The regular staff had trained me so well for the office work that I was later on entrusted to accomplish tasks that were normally reserved for the regular employees. In fact, the time came during my volunteering that they began to treat me more like a regular office-mate rather than as a volunteer. I was so appreciated as a volunteer that they increased my volunteer time from 2 hours a week to 8 hours a week without the knowledge of the volunteer department. I truly regret having had to end my time as volunteer because I was offered a full time job at the pharmacy where I am currently working. Working at the pharmacy shows the strength of my character, determination to succeed, and my tremendously effective multitasking skills. Everyone who knows me always mentioned how impressed they are with my skills because I am able to attend school as a full time student while also working full time at the pharmacy. It is with great pride that I always remind them that even though I am doing 2 highly complicated tasks at the same time, none of my commitments to work or school have ever suffered. As a student, my grade point average is decent enough to consider for admission to institutions of higher learning. My professors have commented upon how I am never too busy to help out a classmate who seems to be falling behind in class. Or even take on extra credit assignment just because I want to. I seem to have the strength and stamina of a thousand men I am often told and I always reply “I am just determined to succeed in everything that I do. It isn't hard if you just put your mind to it.” i have spent the past 5 years of my life working at the same pharmacy that lured me away from my volunteer job. I can proudly say that I have enjoyed every minute of my job. I began working at the pharmacy as a counter aide and assistant to the regular pharmacist. I would help out with client orders and fill out paperwork. Sometimes, I would also be called upon to do some inventory work. I basically did what I could in order to keep the pharmacy running smoothly in order to insure that all the patients got the correct medicines on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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