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Occupational Therapy Service in Mental Health - Essay Example

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Health Sciences and Medicine   “Occupational Therapy service in Mental Health” By 2011 Subject University Occupation Therapy as a Profession: The role of an occupational therapist is to assist patients regain their health and well – being, and maintain it so that they will be able to engage back in purposeful activities or occupations (Roche, 2010)…
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Occupational Therapy Service in Mental Health
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Download file to see previous pages NHS (2012) states that an occupational therapist assists and treats the patient’s physical and psychiatric condition through purposeful activities that aims to prevent further disability. It is also their duty to bring back the independent functioning of patient’s activities of daily living (NHS, 2012 and The Nemours Foundation, 2012). Occupational therapists are working in a hospital setting; however, some of them are in the field visiting their clients and their respective careers to monitor their progress at home. It also the duty of an occupational therapist to analyse the effectiveness of the treatment course following the completion of the therapy (NHS, 2012). The NHS (2012) noted that it takes patience, ingenuity, determination, common sense, sound knowledge base, and enthusiasm to be considered as a registered occupational therapist. However, despite of the aforementioned qualities, it still requires the client’s interest to treatment to accomplish their objective in leading a full and satisfying life independently. Roche (2010) noted that typical activities of an occupational therapist at work include the following: (1) advice on specialist equipment to assist with activities of daily living, (2) develop a programme for rehabilitation to help patients rebuild skills that were lost and restore their confidence, (3) advice environmental modifications at home and in the workplace, (4) teach patients on techniques of managing patients with anxiety and assist them to return to workplace, (5) coach patients with difficulties in learning, and mentoring them in behavioural control, (6) acts as mediator between the patients and other healthcare professionals, (7) write reports and case meetings to plan and review current treatment, (8) organise clients’ and carers support and rehabilitation group, (9) train students and supervise the occupational therapy assistant’s assignment, and lastly, (10) manages a caseload, prioritises the needs of patients, and completes administrative undertakings. The Role of Occupational Therapist in a Mental Ward: In mental health, it is the goal of an occupational therapist to help patients reach their utmost level of functioning and total freedom from others while performing their activities of daily living (Perth and Kinross Council, 2009). These include personal dependence, employment, and social, pursuit in recreational /leisure, and interpersonal relationships. Occupational therapist helps the patients to regain their confidence that was lost when they were sick (Perth and Kinross Council, 2009). They also help patients who are having difficulty to perform their daily tasks due to several reasons. And lastly, occupational therapists help patients to improve their outlook in life, their ability to care for themselves, and take part in the activities in the community (Perth and Kinross Council, 2009). In the mental ward, it is the responsibility of an occupational therapist to evaluate the patients in the ward. This may be due to the fact that occupational therapist has a special knowledge in psychopathology, and for this reason, they are given the responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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