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Federal School Breakfast Program - Research Paper Example

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AB – 839 Pupil nutrition: Federal School Breakfast Program Name University AB – 839 Pupil Nutrition: Federal School Breakfast Program Overview of the health problem: The point being highlighted by this bill is that of the importance of breakfast in the daily life of students, and how their attention and accomplishment in class, is related to it…
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Federal School Breakfast Program
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Download file to see previous pages The major focus of this law has been on the fact that how a healthy breakfast can improve a student’s day. Having no breakfast in the morning leaves a student tired throughout the time he spends in school, and he is unable to concentrate in class. Thus, at the end of the day he achieves nothing. AB – 839, which is introduced Brownley focuses on this very problem and plans to improve the current law regarding this, and bring further changes, that hopefully will tackle this problem more aggressively. Severity of the health problem: Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day, as it helps a person in starting his day. If the person gets off to a good start, then his rest of the day will surely go well. This is especially important amongst students. Students have to go to school and learn. They do not only indulge in studies but extracurricular activities as well. Thus, it is essential that students start off their day with a healthy breakfast. The very first advantage of having a healthy breakfast is that it helps in the learning process. Students, who eat nutritional food in the morning, clearly perform better than students who do not. The time spent in school is not only restricted to studying but also towards different outdoor activities. To carry out all this, students need energy which comes from carbohydrates that a healthy breakfast delivers. Furthermore, having a wholesome breakfast, allows the students to manage their weight, and prevents them from becoming overweight, which is usually a result of irregular eating habits. (Importance of Breakfast for Students by Deepa Kartha. 2009) According to various reports, students who have breakfast in the morning can concentrate more on their studies throughout the day, and they are able to achieve better grades and are eventually more successful. Skipping breakfast before an exam is the worst anyone can do. During an exam, full attention and concentration is required, which can only be achieved if enough energy reaches our brain. This energy which helps our mind to function properly in the morning can only be achieved by having a proper breakfast. It is also reported that students who have a healthy breakfast, almost never experience anxiety problems, neither do they suffer from lack of focus during class. Their concentration remains on their studies, and they are able to comprehend well what that is being taught to them. And all this is because breakfast gives the student energy which boosts his memory, thinking skills and also his ability to solve various problems. On the other hand, students who tend to skip their daily breakfast, land themselves in a lot of trouble. They are unable to focus throughout the day. Their empty stomach, does not allow them to concentrate on what is going on around them, and they end up displaying signs of headaches, sleepiness and fatigue. Mental problems such as anger, anxiety and nervousness are also very common. Furthermore, students who regard breakfast as irrelevant end up being vulnerable to various diseases, as their body cannot produce enough energy and their immune system is not working at its full potential. All these problems can be detrimental to a student’s health, and can be a major hindrance in his path to achieve his goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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