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Pharmaceutical Companies Are to Blame for the Overmedication of People - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Pharmaceutical companies are to blame for overmedication Pharmaceutical companies are firms that invent, produce, and market and distribute legal drugs that are used to treat sick people. Millions of people around the globe today use variety of drugs that they swallow, inject, breathe in, spray, infuse, and rub on their bodied different types of prescribed medication every month…
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Pharmaceutical Companies Are to Blame for the Overmedication of People
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Extract of sample "Pharmaceutical Companies Are to Blame for the Overmedication of People"

Download file to see previous pages Overmedication has many negative effects on the health of individuals and may lead to sickness or death. The main symptoms and effects of overmedication may include lack of sleep, confusion, and blurred vision, dry mouth, hallucination, slowed reaction, lack of coordination of body functions, constipation, and becoming resistant to drugs that exist for treatment (Daniel). Pharmaceutical companies have contribution to overmedication deliberately or due to their careless aggressive marketing effort when promoting their manufactured drugs. They usually use marketing campaigns to influence people from all social groups to use drugs in their everyday life. This has led the entire society to become dependent of drugs. The companies have promised to treat almost any disease using both original and generic drugs. Excessive medication has therefore become so common problem in society as the companies have made variety of drugs readily available for patients to and the patients to medicate themselves. The aggressive marketing of drugs has influenced people to turn away from alternative sources of treatment and to prefer manufactured drugs, which cause money and leave chemicals in their bodies. The availability of drugs has created temptation to people to try different types of drugs at different times, without considering the side effects (Mackey & Liang, 4571–4579). The pharmacists who sell drugs of different companies are not keen in following the history of drugs that a patient may have used in the past, in order to consider the ingredients in their drugs. The drugs that a patient may already be taking if not considered before giving them another drugs may overreact and cause a much bigger problem. This may cause undesirable side effects may result in fatal or serious life threatening conditions. The wrong drugs which may overreact may end up harming the patient even if the drug given by the pharmacist is legal one. The pharmacists who are interested in making a sale in order to make profit have contributed to overmedication of people in every society (Gary). The pharmaceutical companies have adopted many channels of distribution to make their drugs available to all people at all times by adopting over-the-counter drugs. These drugs have been misused by the society out of ignorance and due to lack of strong warning by the manufacturers. These drugs are usually bought without any prescription and at any rate, leading to frequent use and serious abuse. The common ones include birth control pills and antibiotics, which have been taken by majority as harmless. However, these drugs contain same ingredients that may overreact with other with the over-the-counter drugs and if taken carelessly may lead to over medication of the patients. The marketing campaigns by drug companies have made many people to seek prescriptions but majority of people also prefer over- the-counter drugs that are taken without any prescriptions at all. This is due to convenience or because the patient may lack the money or the time needed to get a physician for prescription (Joan). The pharmaceutical industry has also contribution to overmedication by being driven by the greed to make huge profits from increased sale of drugs. The annual huge profits are made from patients who usually suffer and even die annually due to the wrongly prescribed and non-prescribed drugs that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pharmaceutical Companies Are to Blame for the Overmedication of People Research Paper.
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