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Right To Euthanasia - Research Paper Example

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Right to Euthanasia Right to Euthanasia Right to Euthanasia Introduction For the past several years, euthanasia had been practiced in the medical field with the belief that life involved is not worth living…
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Right To Euthanasia Paper
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Extract of sample "Right To Euthanasia"

Download file to see previous pages Although, to some euthanasia is accepted owing to its good purpose, others do not agree with it. The religious sectors consider it as a sin. People working with the law view it as a murder and still others look at it as morally not right. Understanding the right to euthanasia highlights the discussion of the different types, procedures involved in euthanasia, and the medical, ethical, and legal justification. Body Types of Euthanasia Euthanasia has several forms. It is said to be a voluntary euthanasia when the patient request for the life sustaining treatments to be stopped all together with the full knowledge that such action will lead to his death. Patients resort to voluntary euthanasia to relieve themselves of the agony their illness causes them. This is usually observed in patients suffering from chronic illness such as cancer and in debilitating illnesses like cardiovascular disease. Involuntary euthanasia is ending the patient’s life with the decision that it is the right thing to do. The patient does not have any knowledge or informed consent of the act (unknown, 2001) however because she cannot act on her behalf as a result of him unable to communicate due to unconsciousness or too ill, the physician and family members decide it would be the best thing to do. In active euthanasia, certain procedures are carried out to cause the death of the patient. For instance, the patient may be given an over dosage of painkillers or sleeping pills to end her life. Not only is that active euthanasia applied in the medical field but also in prison cells where they administer lethal injection or poisonous substance as a form of capital punishment to prisoners whose life is worthy of death. On the other hand, passive euthanasia is simply doing nothing to save the life of the patient in situations where it is needed most. A distinct example of this is the “do not resuscitate” (DNR) order in which the patient should not be resuscitated in times of difficulty in breathing. The physician assisted suicide is the act of helping another individual stage his own death either through non provision of treatment or administration of certain drug. Process of Euthanasia The process of euthanasia is done either naturally or medically. Natural euthanasia involves the withholding of water and food supplement to the patient. With this, the cells of the patient become dehydrated until they will no longer function normally. As a result, the patient becomes weak and eventually dies. In some instances, the withholding of food is accompanied with the withdrawal of all forms of medical interventions such as no CPR, removal of respirator, and non compliance to medications with the consent of the patient. In contrast, the medical method of euthanasia is executed with the removal of all the life sustaining supports given to the patient. This is usually carried in hospitals in which nurses upon order of the physician is going to remove all machines supporting life. This is exemplified with the study by de Vries and company (2011) where they removed the respirator from a Dutch patient allowing him to die in his home. Similar study of Mann, Galler, Willimas, and Frost (2004) also highlighted how a hospital in New Zealand has carried out medical euthanasia. Staffs transported the patients in their homes and once they are comfortably laid on bed, vassopressor and other modalities of ventilation are withdrawn after sedating the patient with morphine. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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