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The advancement in global public health - Essay Example

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In the paper “The advancement in global public health” the author analyzes prevalence of HIV/AIDS in developed and developing nations and explains the variations that continue to be experienced. Women have been found to be susceptible to HIV/AIDS infection than men…
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The advancement in global public health
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Download file to see previous pages What evidence shows is that, introduction of MMR vaccine in the country, coupled with government supportive efforts in enhancing and improving public health, prevalence of measles has continued to reduce in UK and today the country experience less cases as compared to India. India has had to improve its strategies on mitigating measles and this has led the country to initiate some proactive vaccination programs aimed at tackling the disease. MMR vaccine is now introduced in the country for infants being born (Yadav, Thukral, and Chakarvarti, 2003). Furthermore, MCV1 and MCV2 vaccines have been introduced under the ‘India Expanded Programme on Immunization’ (Anonymous, 2011). According to the program, children aged 9-12 months are supposed to be vaccinated. One issue that has acted as an obstacle to the progress of India’s vaccine initiative includes lack of government and key stakeholders’ involvement. As a result, there has been derailment and stagnation of the programme in some areas, especially those in rural areas. Moreover, lack of public education, wide awareness and little community involvement have all combined to work against the success of the vaccine initiative. Nevertheless, it is observed that the best way of solving this problem lies with government’s effort to own the programme and at same time, empower communities involved. Moreover, strong commitment should be shown in the program from all stakeholders, especially in providing financial, technical, and communication support to accelerate the pace of measles control (Anonymous, 2011). Maternal education, HIV/AIDS transmission, and breastfeeding Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in...
Prevalence of MTCT in India can be associated to lack of awareness, limited services, and inaccessibility to available facilities (Pati 2003; Agarwal, Sethi, Srivastava, Prabhat and Baqui, 2010). At the same time, women in India face multiple social and cultural pressures that limit their ability and willingness to use safer methods of sex, hence leading to prevalence of transmission of the disease to children (Pati, 2003). Moreover, social stigma associated with women infected with HIV in India is still prevalent, a factor that discourages many women from seeking health opportunities and facilities when they are infected (Pati, 2003).
In UK on the other hand, MTCT has been reduced largely due presence of better health facilities and easy access to such facilities. Furthermore, UK being a developed nation exhibits more programs, which are effective in nature. Such programs, which reduce cases of MTCT, include HIV testing, prenatal, delivery and postnatal care, counseling and care services for pregnant mothers who have been diagnosed to have HIV-virus (Vieira, Harper, Shahani and Senna 2003). More so, in UK unlike in India, women have more access to antiretroviral drugs, delivery procedures and replacement of breastfeeding by alternative feeding methods, which are largely, used as key interventions strategies (Vieira, Harper, Shahani and Senna 2003). In other words, UK has continuously reduced risks associated with MTCT through adoption of effective and evidence-based interventions that are comprehensive in nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Advancement in Global Public Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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