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Literature Critique of a Health Care Reform Article - Essay Example

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Literature critique of a healthcare reform article: This paper is primarily based on presenting a critical analysis of such an article which is plainly fraught with evidence so that the theoretical argument highlighted by the author could be supported and acclaimed by the public…
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Literature Critique of a Health Care Reform Article
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Extract of sample "Literature Critique of a Health Care Reform Article"

Download file to see previous pages It is argued in the article that only scrutinizing the basic deficiencies in these four areas and working on them for improvement in the healthcare system does not entirely fulfill the job, rather the second important requirement of the strategic plan is that the policymakers should take care to address the sensitive details like designing midcourse policies and making adjustments along the way. The target introduced in the article which needs to be achieved by the policymakers is not only addressing the four imperative essentials, but also making midcourse adjustments in the plan so that the corrective measures could be implemented appropriately. Thus, rigid and inflexible approach is definitely not the hallmark of the intellectual and practical strategy identified in this article to be analyzed. I agree that coverage, cost control, coordinated care, and choice are obviously the four most important factors influencing the US healthcare system and the author knowingly takes care to address each of these factors in restructuring an almost flawless the healthcare system. ...
Reducing the number of uninsured Americans to half should definitely not be seen as a remarkable feat achieved which would mark the end of a reform plan, since that would still leave millions of Americans to deal with delayed provision of medical care. The logic behind the author’s argument for ensuring universal coverage and coordination is certainly credible though antagonistic to the previous healthcare reform policies. It is alleged in the article that this tendency of the US policymakers to eschew reaching the target of universal coverage sets up some serious issues like high administrative costs which are used for sorting out the people eligible for coverage from those who are not. Also, leaving millions of Americans uninsured mars the convenience in implementing cost-saving changes for enhancing US healthcare system. The logic behind the author’s fervent emphasis on addressing the issues of cost control and choice is also not devoid of valid justifications because evidence suggests that reform policies have readily failed in US in the past because insured Americans did not fully support the high-cost changes that failed in compensating their already prodigious financial pressures. Difficulties covering the issue of cost control need to be assessed since otherwise, the few coverage benefits gained also become weak and invalid. The logical argument of the author for providing the Americans with choices for reform plans is also credible since it would help alleviating myriad restrictions that leave any reform plan unsupported. The evidence provided in the article for supporting the argument that- no reform plan can be seriously enacted by the policymakers if it is made sure to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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