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Emissions - Case Study Example

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Introduction Economic activity is associated with people’s need for survival. However, it cannot also be denied that there are major concerns that need to be addressed in every move towards progress. One of them is in line with health-related concerns. In this paper, the proponent discusses the impact of the plan for Sea port expansion in Long Beach San Pedro, California…
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Emissions case study
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Extract of sample "Emissions"

Introduction Economic activity is associated with people’s need for survival. However, it cannot also be denied that there are major concerns that need to be addressed in every move towards progress. One of them is in line with health-related concerns. In this paper, the proponent discusses the impact of the plan for Sea port expansion in Long Beach San Pedro, California. Sea ports air emission - Is it out of context? There is an issue that those citizens opposing the plan for port expansion of Long Angeles and Long Beach located in the San Pedro Bay, California have considered that planning staff of the said harbor presented their opinion on air emission out of context. In the first place, there is a need to significantly consider what does this out of context mean. The consensus stand of the concerned citizens about the air emission issue is that it should be viewed as total emission not just solely in line with port expansion. This means that they believe that whatever emitted into the atmosphere that comes from fuel source can be considered remarkable pollutants in the air. These pollutants include diesel exhaust, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxide and it is expected to continue increase in the future because of spiraling upward growth of global trade and transport of goods through ports (Bailey & Solomon, 2004). This only implies that expansion of port will remarkably increase harmful gas emission and will leapfrog the amount of environmental pollutants in the environment. Provided that greener alternative fuel will be used, the claim of planning staff of the harbor is at some point making sense. However, relying on green fuel alternatives alone such as biodiesel may not be totally viable at present time considering that it would compete with human’s basic need for foods and energy (Wardle, 2003). It is noted that biodiesel or other green fuel alternatives are generated from agricultural raw materials, which happened to be integral parts of humanity’s subsistence pattern. Furthermore, greener fuel source of energy are expensive due to production process and availability of raw materials (Collantes, 2010). This only makes the issue of addressing environmental problems subjectively harder, which further points out to the fact that sea ports air emission should be substantially considered in great detail. Taking the lead The planning staff of the port or harbor without question could not substantially take the lead considering that concerned citizens are against their plans in the first place. What they can substantially do is to look for better alternatives in which the people could agree with. Concerned health issues are in line with this activity. In fact, it is noted that various illnesses such as heart problems, lung cancer and other related diseases such as asthma and the like are associated with environmental pollutants from vehicles emitted in the air (Collantes, 2010). It is not surprising that people will be eventually alarmed about the plan for expansion of the port because it involves significant amount of air emissions coming from vehicles or ships which sooner or later will not only comprise of single unit but may be diverse due to increase in global trade and widening scope of economic activities. At some point, the planning staff of the harbor can only think of better design and plans to ensure that concerned citizens will be ensured about their health-related concerns. For the mean time, it is good that people will be given the right information about the situation and everything will be explained to them accordingly so as to make them knowledgeable about the whole plan. This will also open up their understanding not only with a certain issue but the entire purpose of the port expansion. However, a two-way communication process would be much better to ensure that everyone will eventually take the lead in the process. Functions of stakeholders Stakeholders are integral parts of the society. Thus, everyone should be concerned about the plan for expansion of the harbor. In this regard, everyone has the chance to voice out opinions that could help enhance the solution-making process of the entire issue. This specific issue concerns about the human health. Thus, it is important that more scientific studies are needed prior to the said expansion activity of the harbor. In this regard, people will be given with the right information that they could rely on. The impact of diesel truck emission Diesel truck emission is highly associated with various diseases (Collantes, 2010). It is in this manner that concerned citizens are alarmed with the plan for expanding the port because what they have in mind is that such will be able to produce considerable amount of air pollutants. As a result, this preconceived idea has provided the people the low level of trust that the said port can manage the entire air emission activity on a day to day basis. Conclusion When it comes to health-related concern of the society, stakeholders should come to think not only the benefits but the consequences of any of their economic activity. In the case of port expansion in Long Beach San Pedro, California, the planning staff should provide the people with thorough scientific studies as to be integrated in their whole plan. This would be enough to address the people’s great concern about health-related issues of the said plan. References Bailey, D., & Solomon, G. (2004). Pollution prevention at ports: clearing the air. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 24, 749-774. Collantes, G. (2010). Do green tech policies need to pass the consumer test?: The case of ethanol fuel. Energy Economics. 32, 1235-1244. Wardle, D. A. (2003). Global sale of green air travel supported using biodiesel. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 7, 1-64. Read More
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