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Bone Cancer Metastasis - Research Paper Example

Some cancer cells, in the late stages of cancer, can leave the primary area and spread to the bone. Nearly all cancer types can spread to the bones. However, bone metastases generally spread from the prostate, the lungs, and the breasts to the bone. Nevertheless, bone cancer cells still resemble those of the organ from which they came from and they should be treated as such (Hasan, 2009). The skull, spine, ribs, pelvis, leg long bones, and the upper arm are the most common locations of spread in the skeleton. These locations interestingly correspond to bone marrow areas that exhibit high levels of the production of red blood cells, which have the responsibility of transporting oxygen to body tissues (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007). Symptoms Some of the commonest symptoms include marked pelvis or spine pain or extremities because the tumor weakens the bone, tenderness or swelling in the affected area. At times, patients develop bone fractures. At other times, the bone does not break but it becomes so frail that a break is impending. Other symptoms include weight loss, fatigue, and fever. If cancer spreads to the spinal bones, patients risk developing nerve damage, which could bring about loss of the use of the arms and/or legs or paralysis. These a re referred to as ‘impending fractures’ and they may compel patients to have bed rest for a long time, the result of which is possible chemical imbalances in the blood for instance, hypercalcemia/increased calcium levels. These

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Breast Cancer
As genes are the basic control machine of the cells, alteration of any kind may bring devastating consequences, or malignancy. When compared with the normal cells, where damage of any kind is taken care by the repair system, tumor cells do not have any repair mechanism for the damaged DNA and there is a constant proliferation of cells without displaying senescence, hence, generating a series of abnormal cells, with altered cellular pathways for uncontrolled proliferation, figuring malignant tumors (Alberts et al., 2007; Katzang et al., 2009).
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Lung cancer
Lung cancer is marked as the most commonly occurring cancer and the major and leading cause of death due to cancers in both the genders. Not only in United States, lung cancer is the cause of cancer-related death world-wide killing and estimated amount of 1.5 million people every year (Keshamouni et al 2009).
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Vitamin D and Cancer
Introduction: 1.1. Background: Vitamin D is an essential constituent of the diet and it is mandatory for the formation, growth and repair of the bones and it also plays an important role in the absorption of calcium as well as the defense system of the body; it is mainly obtained through the exposure of the body to the ultraviolet radiations of the sun and in minor quantities it can also be derived from some foods and selected diet.
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Radiation and Cancer or Causes of Cancer
Researchers have divided the causes of cancer into two: hereditary genetic causes and environmental causes (Kinzler & Vogelstein, 2002). Reproduction of cells is extremely a complex process which is strictly regulated by different classes of genes like tumor suppressor genes and ontogenesis.
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Cancer Health Sciences and Medicine Research Paper
Cancer, also known as malignant neoplasm, the hallmark characteristic involves uncontrolled proliferation of cells. Under normal conditions cell grow, divide and die, but in cancer cells the defect takes place at the gene level leading to the formation of an abnormal DNA.
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Pancreatic Cancer Research Paper
It is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in men and women. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 43,920 new cases and 37,390 deaths will occur in the United States in 2012 as a result of pancreatic cancer. This disease has been increasing at a rate of 1.5% every year with a survival rate of only 4% in patients five years after diagnosis.
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Cervical Cancer (HPV Induced)
These uncontrolled growths and divisions spread to other parts of the body through bloodstream or lymphatic system. Causative factors or agents for cancer directly damage genes or combine with existing genetic faults in a person resulting malignant growths.
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Prostate cancer
It is surrounds the urethra. Urethra is the tube in the body of men that allows urine to be passed out of the body. Prostate cancer is more common in men of old ages and rare in men below 40 years of age (Prostate Cancer). Etiology: Studies reveal that African-American men are at more risk of developing prostate cancer who have also been found to be at risks of developing cancer at their different ages.
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Genetics and breast cancer
Screening criteria have been proposed depending on the genetic makeup as well as local guidelines. Diagnosis depends on certain
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Snake Venom Protein Paralyzes Cancer Cells
This paper concerns the observing and studying with the revolutionary prospectus in pharmaceutical perspectives, snake venom could pay the way for the fresh age of medicines, as well as the research for treatment of cancer among other illnesses. Snake venoms are often studied by scientists and researchers for its therapeutically/remedial application.
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patients mostly suffer from anemia due to the decreased production of red blood cells. General loss in quality of life is the greatest concern for patients suffering from metastatic bone cancer (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007). It is important to note that these symptoms are not a sure sign of cancer and if one suspects any of them, he/she should consult a doctor. Diagnosis On suspecting metastatic bone cancer, the doctor performs a complete medical examination, which may include a blood test since bone tumors can be linked with greater levels of particular proteins in the blood. He/she may also carry out an X-ray in addition to other bone(s) scans and if scans and X-ray results indicate the presence of a tumor, he/she may then perform a biopsy (removal of a tissue sample). Next, a pathologist examines the cells to establish if it is cancerous, and in case it is cancerous, he/she determines the cancer type (Cancerindex.org, 2003). Treatment Metastatic bone cancer patients have need of a team-approach to care. There is need for a medical oncologist co-working with pain management experts and social workers, a radiation oncologist as well as an orthopedic surgeon who is very conversant with this condition. Scheduled surveillance or follow-up should be planned with each of these persons as the surgeon and/or oncologist determines (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007). According to Keller and Chung (2004), the treatment of bone metastasis presents a great challenge. Bone metastases from different forms of cancers exhibit different progression patterns and properties, suggesting distinct biological mechanisms. Several treatment options include surgical treatment to prevent a break or to treat an actual break, radiation, and medical treatment/management, which includes bone-specific therapy, endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, tamoxifen therapy, or a blend of treatments (American Academy


Bone Cancer Metastasis Name: University: Introduction Bone Cancer Metastasis refers to cancer that begins in other body parts and then spreads to the bone. It is one of the commonest cancers in the US and of the roughly 5533,400 Americans who die from cancer each year; at least two-thirds have bone metastases (Keller &Chung, 2004)…
Bone Cancer Metastasis
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