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Eating Disorders - Research Paper Example

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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Customer Inserts Grade Course Writer Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year) Topic Name: Eating disorders are very common nowadays in adults and children. They mostly occur due to bad eating habits…
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Eating Disorders Research Paper
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"Eating Disorders"

Download file to see previous pages Eating disorders most commonly affect the person’s mind and body both with the psychological effect being greater but here we are to discuss the physical effects. Bulimia is an eating disorder caused by compulsive eating. When a person eats more than he needs he is said to be suffering from compulsive eating. This leads to bulimia in which a person becomes overweighed because of the overeating. Bulimia can cause electrolyte imbalances in the patient which can then lead to dehydration and fluid losses. Electrolyte imbalance is when the amount of any charge carrying fluid fluctuates in your body. Electrolyte turmoil, most often in the form of harshly low potassium levels, can cause a broad variety of muscle weakness (bulimic patients may notice that they feel weak and tired). As the amount of fluids fall below the correct level, this may cause further problems. Bulimia may also lead to heart problems like irregular heartbeats and cardiac arrest. This is because a patient of bulimia or compulsive eating takes in a lot of food he may also face the problem of cholesterol which further deteriorates to heart attacks. Bulimia may also lead to severe stomach perforation which may be fatal if not taken care of. Apart from these fatal effects bulimia causes many other effects which include ulcers and pancreatic. Ulcers are wounds on internal organs like liver. They are very painful and may lead to full life prevention from spicy food. Ulcers also cause acidity and heartburn. In addition to that another effect of bulimia is frequent vomiting as the patient is faced with many digestive problems the food is not digested properly. Frequent vomiting in turn cause rupture of esophagus and may also lead to malnutrition. A person going through bulimia may face sleeping difficulties because of the indigestion. The food he has eaten becomes stagnant in his stomach and does not let him sleep as this cause uneasiness and distress. Lack of menstruation or amenorrhea is another common effect of bulimia which is ordinary among girls. Amenorrhea leads to lack of menstruation in girls due to loss of weight. Sometimes the salivary glands, situated underneath the ear and beside the lower jawbone, may turn out to be clearly puffed-up, leading to the "chipmunk" cheeks of the bulimic. Continual vomiting among bulimics and eradication anorexics will unavoidably lead to grave dental problems. An increase in cavities or severe sensitivity of the teeth to heat and cold are over and over again the first dental problems. The teeth may become fragmented and tattered looking (especially if a spoon is used to induce vomiting) and the front teeth can lose their normal polish as the enamel, beaten-up by repeated exposure to gastric acid, diminishes. The lingual or back side of the front teeth, which faces the tongue, and the flat top of molars, also lose their enamel and begin to take on a yellowish tinge. Chronic, self-induced vomiting leads to a number of troubles that are the outcome from the responsive tissues of the throat coming in contact with strong stomach acid. Swallowing may become sore or hard. Croakiness and a chronic sore throat are common. Chronic, self-induced vomiting leads to a number of problems that result from the sensitive tissues of the throat coming in contact with harsh stomach acid. Swallowing may become painful or difficult. Hoarseness and a chronic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Eating Disorders (accessed April 23, 2012). This website gives an introduction about the eating disorders that have been on the rise following the twenty first century in today’s younger generation and in children born after the millennium. As the world became a global village, the rises of McDonald’s and KFC’s junk food have become popular.
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Eating disorders
These disorders occur due to a mix of several factors including personal, familial and cultural aspects. This paper will evaluate the major causes of these eating disorders, their prevalence in the population, their diagnosis as well as the recommended interventions and treatments.
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Eating Disorders Research Paper
They involve extreme attitudes towards weight loss and food issues. Unlike in the past, when eating disorders were considered to be largely the psychological concerns of teenage girls, it is now acknowledged that they are serious medical problems which affect physical and mental health, and can even be life-threatening.
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Eating Competence Research Paper
Satter stated that competent eaters possessed the positive attitude toward food. Slots and Lohse supported Satter’s presentation of ecSatter inventory in their research. They tested the reliability of ecSatter inventory by self-reported questionnaires distributed among 259 participants and tested subscale coefficients for contextual skills, food acceptance, and internal regulation.
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Eating Disorders Research Paper
Also, such individuals may concern about their body weight or body shape too much. Teenagers and young adults frequently have disorders of this kind; however, they can also develop in childhood or later. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and the like.
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Eating disorders -- causes Society's portrayal of woman
This research showed that media is a risk, if not a strong causative, factor that can promote negative body images and body dissatisfaction, thereby promoting disordered eating practices. It uses very thin women who become negative role models to women and can result to women developing body image anxiety and low self-esteem.
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Eating Disorders
There are many underlying causes that result in eating disorders and the most important causes include genetic factors, family influences as well as the role of the mass media. The treatment of eating disorders is based upon immediate management of the patient followed by pharmacological therapy and psychological and family counseling sessions.
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Eating Disorders in Female College Athletes
The study stresses that psychological predisposing factors to eating disorders occur in female university athletes and that further investigation is needed to explore the extent of the relationship between the variables. The study recommended the examination of the role of peers and coaches in the development of disordered eating.
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Feeding and Eating Disorders
The paper will highlight three of the most common conditions that are first diagnosed during infancy, adolescence or childhood. Recently, researchers and clinicians have realized that a huge number
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Eating Disorders
It also features people of different socio-economic background. The research showed that in 1998, eating disorders were mainly associated with young white
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