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Relationship Between Familiarity, Attitudes and Preferences: Assisted Living Facility As Compared to Nursing Homes - Coursework Example

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Relationship between Familiarity, Attitudes and Preferences: Assisted Living facilities as Compared to Nursing Homes – Review This paper is a review of an article, which elaborates on a study about how the aspect of familiarity would be influencing the attitudes and preferences, in relation to both assisted living facilities and nursing homes…
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Relationship Between Familiarity, Attitudes and Preferences: Assisted Living Facility As Compared to Nursing Homes

Download file to see previous pages... The study also highlighted the fact that, as familiarity keeps increasing so does the positive opinion about these facilities. Likewise, it has also been observed that, with regard to nursing homes, increasing familiarity led to a rise in unfavorable views about regular nursing homes. (1) Various other studies in the realm have focused upon the key fact that, traditional nursing homes were not up to the mark, for addressing the varied necessities of the aged people. Owing to that, the population demanded authorities to introduce some facilities where, an ambience similar to that of a home is present. The assisted living facilities can be rated as being a direct response to this crucial requirement of people. (1) At this juncture, it needs to be specifically mentioned that, assisted living facilities extend care to people with varying profiles and diverse problems, and that too in a predominantly informal environment. Despite the growing popularity of these places, yet, it has to be stated that majority of people are not having a proper understanding about the facilities. In fact, these people are considering assisted living facilities as being nothing more than small-sized nursing homes. The findings of this study show that, that particular view held by many people comes close to being a misconception. (1) This particular study has thrown light on the vital point that, people residing in assisted living facilities have voiced highly positive opinions about these places. The researchers have classified this finding as being a direct result of what is termed as “exposure effect”. “Exposure effect” argues that the extent to which people develop a liking for a place is directly linked to their level of exposure to the particular place. As a matter of fact, several researches carried out in different spheres strongly suggests that, “exposure effect” is indeed a fact. (1) However, when the scenario of nursing homes was taken into account, the “exposure effect” was not seen, in the sense that there was no increase in favorable opinions. Experts have explained this by emphasizing on a crucial aspect that, there is an enhancement of positive views only when the initially formed opinion is a favorable one, or at least a neutral one. Similarly, they (expert) also explain that the negative ideas formed in the first instance get furthered with a rise in familiarity. (1) As a part of this study, all the respondents were given a comprehensive questionnaire, answers to which were sufficient to highlight nothing but just facts. It was seen that, people gave their first preference to home and stated that nothing can ever take the place of a home. The respondents also conveyed that a conventional nursing home was the one whose ambience was diametrically opposite to that of a home. They also maintained that though an assisted living facility is not exactly like a home, yet, it does have some features making it resemble a home. (1) This exhaustive study also came out with some other interesting findings. All the respondents were more or less unanimous in conveying that, as far as possible, they preferred to reside in their respective homes itself. But, they also added that, if a situation so demands, they would be having no objection in staying at assisted living facilities. The fact that all of them treated a nursing home as the least preferred option warrants special mention. Also, it has to be noted that most of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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