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How it affects the patient, the physician, the drug companies, and the cost of health care - Research Paper Example

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Excessive usage of pharmaceutical drugs with constantly rising trend is prevalent in American Society…
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How it affects the patient, the physician, the drug companies, and the cost of health care
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Extract of sample "How it affects the patient, the physician, the drug companies, and the cost of health care"

Download file to see previous pages It is deceptively prescribed to satisfy the urge of patient to extend some psychological relief. It is in this perspective to endeavour and find facts relating to Overprescription; and other related causes and effects. Different surveys have indicated that DTCA not only influences the consumers but also the doctors to the extent that that they are much inclined to prescribe drugs as desired by the consumers, sometimes in preference to their professional opinion. . Objective I have conducted this search with an object to find the root cause of Overprescription with consequent rise in healthcare cost, and decline in the healthy mindset of consumers. It is related to my opinion that Americans want a pill for everything. It is also related with reviewing effects of Overprescription on increased costs of healthcare. Another objective is to know the role of DTCA; Direct to Consumer Advertisement, in inculcating the use of drugs in the minds of consumers. It is not my objective to enlist the most prescribed drugs or to inform about the best selling drugs. I do not intend to summarise my findings in an auto summation fashion but I aim at critically analyzing the observed facts to infer the truth that may serve as food for thought and may pave the way to a better situation. It is basically a web based research, not starting from scratch but from carefully reviewing what the researchers have already presented up to now. During the course of this research, I have collected sufficient data, ensuring that it comes from reliable resources. Although I had my opinion, yet during the conduct of the research, I have kept it aside, to allow free flow of all the facts even if they had not been in agreement with my preformed opinion. For its credibility I have acknowledged the works, quoted or otherwise utilized as ideas, of all those from whom I or my readers benefited or may benefit. I have kept in mind to ensure the ethics of research and not to harm or disrepute any one of the concerned; Medical professionals, patients, Pharmaceutical Industry, members of civil society, teachers or students, through an inappropriate content or biased inference from this research. Oversubscription An excessive amount of a drug that can not be obtained prior to having a subscription is generally known as oversubscription. The motive behind it, is to fulfil the requirements as desired by the consumer, who, on account of personal mindset and under influence of DTCA, tends to use the advertised drugs. “Increasing prescription rates of pain-relieving drugs suggest a worrying trend of drug abuse in the United States (bluesci)”, suggests by a Science magazine, commenting on Overprescription of pain-relief drugs. Similarly article about Over-Prescription of Antidepressants comments, “The over-prescription of antidepressants and other medications in situations where psychotherapy should be a first recourse (and may very well be all the treatment needed) is increasingly common.  A new report finds that in many cases, clinicians are going a step further (Good Therapy)”. Not restricted though to Antibiotics only, the misuse of drugs promotes prescription in the way DTCA inculcates their use in the minds of the consumer. This practice is doubly harmful; on account of the patient’s resistant against current drugs and secondly on account of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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