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Critical Analysis of Students who's Standard of Practice is a Cause of Concern - Essay Example

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Critical Analysis of Students who’s Standard of Practice is a Cause of Concern Name   Course Professor University State Date Introduction Gopee critically analyzes the standards by The Nursery and Midwifery Council NMC (2008). These are standards to support assessment and learning of students in their nursing placement period…
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Critical Analysis of Students whos Standard of Practice is a Cause of Concern
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher looks at the importance of embracing effective working traits such as establishing resourceful working relationships, learning facilitation that includes an analysis of the learners’ needs or causes is a cause of concern. The paper also looks at the development of an action plan (a delivered structure) and the people involved in this activity. In order to achieve these the paper critically looks at the underperforming student needs, evaluation of their learning, and assessment and accountability to mentors and what should be done in order to meet those needs. First, the author looks at the mentoring and the challenges encountered by between the mentor and learner in the clinical environment while the mentor is evaluating the teaching and learning process of the students. Management of a Student/Learner who’s Standard of Practice is of Cause for Concern NMC is the nurse regulator and its role is to protect the public by keeping a nurse’s register and setting the NMC standard that should act as guidelines for the nurses training, education, performance, conduct and ethics (NMC, 2008). ...
Hence, student’s practical performance on these programs are assessed continuously and supported by mentors throughout the period of placement. According to the NMC standards, 40% of the time of the students should be spent in being supervised by the mentors. The mentors are registered in an assessors register and those not entered in the register can only conduct student’s assessment under guidance of someone in the register (Aveyard, et al 2011). According to Schober and Ash (2006) successful mentoring should be goal oriented the major goal being the focus on development of the learner’s knowledge, skills and attitude. Thus the learner is needful that have a development plan before meeting interacting with the mentor. It is a proven fact that many learners do best by observation and when they are being assessed. The role of the mentor involves ensuring that the students are welcomed and oriented thoroughly in the clinical environment. The mentors also supervise and coordinate the teaching of students while in the clinical practice. Mentors are responsible for providing inter professional opportunities for students to learn. They are also the ones who should ensure that students are getting the appropriate opportunities to learn required knowledge and skills in the placement and give provide feedback to the students on their level of performance. Mentors are required to keep and review the progress of the learner, be accountable and act as a professional role model. All trained nurses are required by the NMC to facilitate teaching of their students as part of their professional role failure to which, impacts not only the clinician and the students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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