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Phenomenological methodology - Dissertation Example

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CHAPTER III Methodology The Phenomenological methodology requires the researcher to go physically to the field where the respondents are in order to record or watch behavior in its natural environment (Siegle 2006, p. 1). As such, this method helps the researcher address the threats and problems of validity in the course of data collection and analysis, and hence effectively finding the common themes and phenomena…
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Phenomenological methodology
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Extract of sample "Phenomenological methodology"

Download file to see previous pages 41) as aimed at attaining a range of knowledge that is independent of human experience and which is in a state of honesty, hence devoid of custom bias and prejudice that’s stems from normal science or by knowledge that does not have any relationship with the daily experiences. Essentially, qualitative phenomenological is a non-standardized study as opposed to quantitative study. Since the aim of the study is not to establish the relationships of the research variables, a strictly quantitative study is not necessary. Furthermore, quantitative study is not suitable in this study since the primary goal is to obtain themes and central phenomena as regards the lived experiences of HIV infected AAA 50 years and older with respect to their perceptions of risk (susceptibility) prior to developing HIV infection. Furthermore, qualitative phenomena are better designed to capture the personal experiences, observations, opinions, perceptions as well as storytelling, which will be used to elucidate the perceptions of risk (susceptibility) of the respondents prior to developing HIV infection (Moustakas, 1994). The phenomenological study will involve interviewing of between five and ten HIV infected AAA (both males and females) within the Atlanta area. The interview will be semi-structured and carried on a one-on-one approach. For the gender balance purpose, the study will ensure a 1:1 ratio of men to women. Each interview will last for about 45 to 60 minutes. To ensure that the process of participant selection is informative and effective, an educational administrator who is well aware of issues of HIV in Atlanta will be called upon to facilitate the study. The facilitator will be served with the essential tools that are required such as pens and exercise books, but will not be granted excessive favors (Weber, 1949). The facilitator will be charged with the responsibility of recruiting some research assistants to conduct the interview. These assistants will come from within the Atlanta area because they are likely to be welcomed better than those who do not come from the area. The geographical location for the study is Atlanta area, where the respondents will be served with questionnaires to fill and at the same time their voices recorded with an audio-tape-recorder. The information collected in the tapes will be transcribed and central phenomena derived. To motivate the respondents, small tips such as pens and writing pads will be awarded. Population According to Creswell (2005), a population is a group of individuals who exhibit common characteristics that make them unique from the rest of the group members. The population for this study will be a group of African American Adults (AAA) who are 50 years and older and who lives in the Atlanta area. The participant must also be using HIV/AIDS clinics, living with HIV infection and/or are sexually active. This group of individuals will be selected because they have the necessary knowledge to answer the study’s research questions. Also, the facilitator will ensure that those who are selected have above average level of knowledge for the purpose of ensuring that articulation of concepts is effective. This sample is specifically better placed to articulate the concepts of this study because they have firsthand knowledge and experience in regards to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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