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Use electronic health record to build a patient safety net - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Use Electronic Health Record to Build a Patient Safety Net Health information technology (HIT) Health Information technology is the framework matrix that consist of computer hardware and software, and information systems that forms the comprehensive management of health information through secures channels by use of computerized systems (Davis et al, 37)…
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Use electronic health record to build a patient safety net
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Download file to see previous pages What are the current primary functionalities? The chief concern for the development of HIT is the enhancement of patient safety, improvement of the health delivery system and the overall quality. Use of the HIT will enable health care providers to enhance the overall quality of patient care greatly. The Institute of Medicine defines quality health care as the extent of which health services for individuals and populations enhances the likely hood of desired health outcomes, which are consistent with the current professional knowledge. However, quality patient care is measured in standards comprised of the five Ds, death, disease, discomfort, dissatisfaction and disability (Williams 27). Health Information Technology improves quality patient care by promoting safety, improving continuity of care, providing a support system in clinical decision-making and reduction of errors. An efficient HIT provides doctors with accurate and comprehensive information about a patient’s health. The physicians are then able to provide the best care for both the outpatient and the inpatient. The coordination of care for patients with serious medical condition is better and easier with since information channels are efficient and secure. HIT provides convenience and more room for family caregivers and patients to share information and effectively participate in the decision making process about their health care. Furthermore, the availability of information from various medical records enables doctors diagnose health problems faster, reduce medical errors such as misdiagnosis and provide a safe and cheaper healthcare. For instance, patients are able to move between various physicians and specialists with ease and have their medical records updated. Similarly, the physicians can prescribe, bill, and obtain patient feedback in real time thereby saving time, money and a huge load of paperwork. On the national level, the interoperability of HIT guarantees early detection of infectious disease outbreaks in the country. The detection of outbreaks can be made sooner due to the availability of patients’ data that can be analyzed and diagnosis made sooner. The online patient’s medical information enables the government to trace the source and location of the outbreaks coordinate treatment measures, such as quarantine and efficiently deal with the outbreak thereby saving human live. A fully functional Health Information Technology ensures an overall improvement in the nation’s health. Government and other health bodies are able to evaluate health care from time to time in order to upgrade the quality of patient care and reduction of health care costs. As a result, health accessibility is realized for the citizens. The global direction of health information technology There are various forms of HIT in the United States. Pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies utilize fully functional HIT. Nonetheless, the US hospitals use various forms of HIT majority of which are incomplete. Physicians and medical billing, tracking supplies, profit and loss accounts, inventory and payroll processing, use computers in all hospitals. The use of technology is growing, for example, software controlled digital imaging like MRI, and a growing number of hospitals are adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Diagnostic images are sent electronically and interpreted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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