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Management of the injured pregnant patient - Essay Example

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The Management of the Injured Pregnant Patient The Management of the Injured Pregnant Patient As providers of medical care and assistance to the sick as well as injured patients, technicians and paramedics have the lives of their patients on the line. Prolonging their lives as well as keeping them safe from other bodily harm while waiting for emergency transport and attention of emergency physicians is their major concern…
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Management of the injured pregnant patient
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Download file to see previous pages Another thing to consider is the change in the anatomy of the pregnant patient, in a way that normal procedures may not actually work and give the results expected. Thus is the need of the additional knowledge of such physiological changes that occur in the body of the gravid patient (Mulholland, Lillemoe, & Doherty, 2011). Although most of the available options in alleviating stress and pain would entail similar methods used on normal people, care must be used when applying them to a pregnant woman since aside from the enlargement of the abdomen and the rearrangement of organs, there is also the presence of the foetus as well (American College of Physicians, 2008). Once the third trimester is reached, most of the organs in the abdomen are displaced upwards by the grown foetus, and the blood flow from the aorta can be diverted or cut off due to being compressed (Velmahos, Degiannis, & Doll, 2012). Therefore, to be able to provide proper care of an injured pregnant patient, proper information regarding the anatomic and physical characteristics as well as the health status of both the mother and the foetus must be carefully monitored in order to prolong their lives in an emergency situation. Several types of medical situations can be experienced by the pregnant patient. Among these are: blunt or penetrating trauma; coma associated with trauma; poor respiratory rate associated with trauma; penetrating wounds; flail chest; burns associated or in combination with trauma; bone fractures; limb paralysis or other spinal cord injury; and amputation near the wrist or ankle (Pollak, 2011). These can be attributed to the fact that pregnant women, especially those in the advanced stages are currently under stress, particularly due to too much alterations in their body shape and their internal organ arrangements (Pape, Sanders, & Borrelli, 2011). Also, the changes in their internal physiology due to the growth of the foetus could add to their worries. Increase in heart rate, renal perfusion as well as respiratory rate to accomodate foetal growth can be noted, as well as the decrease in the movement of smooth muscles such as the intestines that contribute to the delay when emptying the bowels (Velmahos et al., 2012). Is is therefore important to note such alterations in the body when performing a physical examination not just during emergency situations but also in follow-ups or any other kind of physical exam. Among recorded cases worldwide, trauma is the highest and the leading cause of maternal mortality, which accounts to 46% of maternal deaths (Pape et al., 2011). The incidence of trauma also increases as the third trimester is being reached, and just over half of the trauma cases are recorded in the advanced stages of the pregnancy (Barraco, et al., 2010). In such cases that the gravid mother is able to survive, though she may have less than 5% mortality the foetus has a higher chance of dying by around 40-71% (Velmahos et al., 2012). There is also an additional risk to falls, mainly because of the change in the physiology of a pregnant mother. Still another cause would be domestic violence, which is often not recorded and overlooked, but is a very significant cause of trauma among gravid patients (Pape et al., 2011). In a study by Kenney and Mirvis (2010), they explained how non-invasive procedures in managing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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