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Enviornmental concerns in exercise physiology : training in heat, cold, space, and altitude - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Introduction The bodies of different individuals exhibit dissimilar responses on exposure to exercises. Similarly, different exercises pose different physiological responses to individuals depending on various factors. Under definite conditions, the body acquires both acute and chronic responses…
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Enviornmental concerns in exercise physiology : training in heat, cold, space, and altitude

Download file to see previous pages... In the study, of exercise physiology, exercise physiologist deal with the manner in which the body reacts to a substantial exercise session. These short time exercises may comprise running on treadmills for approximately one hour. In accordance to this exercise, the session of exercise taken by certain individuals is regarded as an acute session while the responses that emanate from these exercises are regarded as acute responses. In view of the acute responses, emphasis or concentration is on the body’s instantaneous response to the exercise sessions offered for a short period. Contrary, exercise physiologists have to bear knowledge concerning body’s response to exercise that transpires over extended periods. The body responds differently to repeated exercise sessions that are often carried out for longer periods. The response to the extended periods of repeated exercise is regarded as the chronic adaptation towards the exercise. Additionally, it may also be considered as training effects. In instances that an individual undertakes habitual exercises for an extended period, the body adjusts its mechanisms thus effecting adaptations to repeated stress (Wilmore, Costill & Kenney, 2008). The physiological adjustments that transpire due to constant exposure to chronic exercise or training enhances, both exercise abilities and efficiency in undertaking various activities. Undertaking exercise under certain conditions often presents different advantages to the persons undertaking these exercises or training sessions. Undertaking resistance exercise has profound effects on the muscles since it strengthens them to a certain degree. Conversely, undertaking space trainings offers individuals endurance on various issues for instance, augmenting efficiency and endurance capabilities of both the heart and lungs. Undertaking exercises under heat conditions generate different physiological responses. Heat is often generated under cold conditions since it assists the body in the maintenance of invariable body temperature. During exercise, the temperature remains invariable even though the quantity of the heat generated augments. Under heat conditions, the body experiences heat stress, which has profound effects on the performance of the individual undertaking the exercise or training. Under the circumstances of exercise, the requirements of the cardiovascular system augment. Therefore, under conditions of elevated temperature, the cardiovascular system gets weighed down. Even when exercise is undertaken in hot conditions, the cardiovascular coordination ought to maintain blood transportation to both the muscles and the skin (Wilmore, Costill & Kenney, 2008). The blood that gets transported on the skin serves to conduct the generated heat, out of the body. In order to undertake these conflicting activities, specified changes transpire. Firstly, the cardiac productivity augments through an increment in heart rate and contractility. Secondly, blood that flow to different areas of the body is diverted to the skin for assisting in the eradication of the extra heat that is generated during exercise. Thermoregulatory center relays signals that divert blood to the skin while blood vessels dilate to permit the blood lose heat from the exercise through the surface of the skin. Consequently, sympathetic nervous arrangement signals an augment in heartbeat rate thus allowing the left ventricle to force blood flow. Additionally, other adjustments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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