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Development of a female at the age of fourteen years - Term Paper Example


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Development of a female at the age of fourteen years

• Appearance of facial hairs near the lips and on the lower part of the cheeks. This is something that should not happen in females but nowadays this has become quite common among girls. This should only happen in boys.
Reason for considering this an alarming deviation: Normally girls do not have beards and moustaches but if they do then this means their bodies have male sex hormone called Testosterone.
• Voice becomes deep
Reason for considering this a mildly alarming deviation: Most girls voice becomes softer and refined when they are fourteen. Voice becoming deeper happens in boys. Having deeper voice can make the girl feel less of a girl and more of a boy. One reason for having a deep voice can be due to the production of male sex hormones in a female’s body. However, having a deep voice can be hereditary as well.
• No periods at all since many months.
Reason for considering this an alarming deviation: Girls in the same age group do have periods although they are unpredictable I some cases. Having no periods can be an indication of problems like polycystic ovaries. Detection of polycystic ovaries is possible using ultrasound. Polycystic ovaries can result in obesity also which can further create problems for any girl. The good news is that the condition is treatable. However, short-term irregularity in periods can be due to any of the reasons such as exhaustion, stress, and more than needed amount of exercise.
• No curvature in spine and little fat in thighs, hips and the chest. In other

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Reason for considering this an alarming deviation: Most girls in this age group have a slightly curved spine, broad pelvis and noticeable amount of recent deposition of fat in the chest. However, it is always possible that the girl is naturally skinny like her other family members. Uterine or vaginal abnormalities Reason for considering this an alarming deviation: Later on in life this can result in premature labor, miscarriages, retained placenta and various other disturbing things during pregnancy or child birth (“Female Genital Abnormalities”,n.d).Now let’s consider the remaining key developmental areas. Psychological Other than the physical alterations that occur during puberty, psychological amendments also happen during teenage development. For instance, if a teen girl develops breasts before the other girls her age; she may experience humiliation with respect to her altering figure. This could influence her self-esteem as well. For some doctors such change in self-esteem can be an alarming observation. To help the girl cope with this she must be referred to a psychologist and she must be explained why her figure is changing and how is this perfectly normal. Teenagers frequently compare themselves with other people of their age and


Considering what is normal I will consider the following observations as abnormal while examining a 14 year old girl…
Development of a female at the age of fourteen years
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