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Two sides of Abortion - Research Paper Example

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Humans of this day and age enjoy a better level of freedom than their counterparts living in the 18or 19 century.Free will is exercised with a universal set of rights possessed by all which give us the liberty to make choices pertaining to our own lives…
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Two sides of Abortion

Download file to see previous pages... However the debate of abortion is one of the most controversial issues of today’s time as it brings into consideration the existence of another life, and the freedom to take away life of a human by the will of another human. In normal context, taking the life of another human being is classified as murder under all decrees, but abortion is a different case, and is hence the ultimate human rights issue. To understand the definition of abortion is very crucial for the whole argument to be set forth. Abortion is generally defined as the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus using surgical, mechanical, or chemical means.(Merriam Webster) To give a medical definition to abortion, it is the termination of pregnancy before 20 weeks, and ending before viability of pregnancy. There are different kinds of abortion of which the most popular is therapeutic abortion in which the abortion takes place through the assistance of a physician who uses surgery or RU-486 to terminate the fetus. The debate between the two main schools of thought, mainly the pro-life and pro-choice is quite varied, however it is pertinent to understand both sides of the argument before an opinion can be made. The pro-life are of the viewpoint that abortion should be banned as it is killing a human being and in essence is murder. According to the pro-life supporters argument, which is backed by scientific evidence that the woman is carrying a fully complete human being from the moment of fertilization, and the human heart starts beating after 22 days. Dr. Jack Willke, who is a renowned pro-life supporter and also President of the National Right to Life Committee, regards embryo as a living, breathing human being. His definition of "human being" depends upon the DNA structure that is encapsulated in th forty-six chromosomes first present in the fertilized ovum. He said "Contained within the single cell who I once was," in reference to the fertilized cells, was the totality of everything I am today.(NRCI) He also claimed that his physical attributes along with mental ability was determined at the moment the egg and sperm fertilized, hence a zygote is a human. We are each of us the same unique identity now that we were a year ago, or at birth, or at the moment of conception. (Walker) By the time abortion can take place the fetus has a beating heart and the brain activity can also be identified. This human thus has an unalienable right to life which should be fully covered under the laws of the state. Another argument that comes forward is that mothers have the right over the life of their child, however no mother has the right to kill their child under any circumstance, and abortion is not just killing a mass of tissues but a human. Pro-life supporters also counter placed by the pro-choice people saying that the world would be a better place if unwanted children are aborted, as there are many problems faced by the world including famine, overpopulation etc. However the pro-life people argue that this wouldn’t be the case as by killing a child won’t result in the elimination of poverty, or joblessness in the world. It’s not the baby, it’s the circumstances we live in, where population is not the real problem but the development problems are. Another argument placed by those not in favor of abortion regarding the claims that abortion if made illegal will still happen in back alleys and through a hidden medium and hence that would endanger the lives of many women, but since most of these women are young if they are properly educated about the harm they are causing to themselves and their unborn child, and also that the child is not unwanted, and if they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should abortion be legal
Should abortion be legal? This is a very contentious question and one which can be debated for years. Every coin is two sided and this is no different, it has two sides to it. Abortion should be legal because women who get raped and end up conceiving should have the right to abort their child but on the other hand if made legal people will use it as a contraceptive and it will have ramifications.
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Abortion: there two sides to every story
For some people, it is very important to understand that all procreation is done, without killing any human being intentionally, even if the tiniest part of it exists. Others believe in the termination as they feel at that point in time, there is no existence of actual life and therefore they are actually creating no harm to procreation and life.
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Texas HB15 & the Abortion Debate
The Texas abortion bill requires that women seeking an abortion must take a sonogram test to determine the heartbeat and developmental status of the fetus, as well as requiring other medical tests and reporting measures that severely overstep the appropriate range of government power into the private life of the individual.
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Legalizing Abortion
There are no compromises to be negotiated: one concerned with the life of a child; the other, the freedom of choice and woman’s health. To properly analyze the issue, the opposing viewpoints including the moral, medical and legal aspects must be argued with equal resolve and without bias.
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Should Abortion be Legal
There have been a lot of discussions regarding the subject of making abortion legal. Each party has had its own share of arguments and reasons as to why they are on their end of the argument. The abortion issue has been made even more complicated based on the religious issues and views that have been thrown in on the subject.
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Abortion: two sides of a problem
Abortion: an Analytical Essay Abortion can be defined as the termination of a pregnancy coupled to expulsion of the fetus or baby that is not capable of survival (WebMD 1). However, the argument on abortion is not as straightforward as the statement makes it sound.
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Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective
Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective Abortion is an issue that has spawned unending debates, conflicts, and outright verbal warfare between those who fall on the differing sides of the issue. There was a time when the solution to an unwanted pregnancy was to seek out “back alley” abortions that were not necessarily performed by physicians, used unsterilized and non-medical tools, and came with a high level of risk to the patient.
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As God forms the union between mother and baby, nothing should cause them to separate, except God through natural birth or natural miscarriage. God values the life of His children. Abortions are tragic and selfish. It does not correct a wrong. The heartbreak and grief of
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A rhetorical analysis on How Society in the United States Views Abortion and what impact the media has on that view
It provides an in depth analysis of both sides in this debate. The framing of this debate is such that it creates two polarized sides that are aligned along political lines. As such, this source is very important in providing information about
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Thus, abortion remains a moral subject that is greatly difficult to decipher, while at the same time remain to be controversial. While this is entirely true, scholars
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