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The Future is Personalized Medicine - Essay Example

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Running Head: Future of Personalized Medicine Future of Personalized Medicine Future of Personalized Medicine In medical practice, personalized medicine means the utilization of fresh techniques of molecular examination to better deal with a patient's ailment or tendency towards an ailment…
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The Future is Personalized Medicine

Download file to see previous pages... Personalized medicine has been among the healthcare’s most expected as well as “least understood treatment paradigms” (Cohen, p. 82, 2010). General practitioners stay hopeful about its future; nonetheless, a number of general practitioners have different views with its inferences for curative study and growth. Patients, by contrast, were seen as more and more involved in taking up the treatment. Greatly like a latest customer technology or ‘green’ merchandise, the limits to extensive approval are directly influenced by the expenditure to the patient. The way people presently deal with patients in every area of medication leaves a lot to be needed. People classify groups of warning signs in an expressive way, offer those groups a tag that finely fits, or quite a lot of labels if none goes well at all, and then they oversee medicines that were themselves, or their precursors, found out years ago. Personalized medicine gets information collected from genomic records to recommend targeted cures as well as precautionary steps for parts of the people. For instance, if a patient is found to have some sort of hereditary characteristics that make him vulnerable to a specific problem, general practitioners can advise precautionary cure (Cohen, p. 90, 2010). Inherited information could as well be supportive for categorizing behaviors that are more successful for some specific patients. Personalized medicine is the adaption of medicinal cure to the personal traits of all patients. This method depends on methodical advancements in the perceptive of the way a person’s exceptional molecular as well as inherited profile makes them vulnerable to certain ailments. Personalized medicine may be taken as an expansion of conventional approaches to accepting as well as taking care of disease (Goetz, p. 72, 2010). Provided with tools that are additionally precise, general practitioners can decide on a treatment or cure procedure supported on a patient’s molecular profile that may not just reduce damaging results and guarantee an additionally flourishing product. Personalized medicine has the possibility to transform the way a person think about, recognize and deal with wellbeing troubles. It is already having a moving effect on medical study as well as patient care equally, and this effect will develop as the perceptive and expertise progresses. In addition, it is a versatile method to patient care that not just develops the capability to make a diagnosis and take care of the ailment, but presents the prospective to become aware of the ailment during an earlier phase, when it is simpler to handle successfully. The complete realization of personalized medicine includes: (1) risk evaluation, which is the genetic checking to find out tendency to ailment; (2) avoidance, meaning activities / way of life / cure involvement to stay away from ailment; (3) early finding of ailment on the molecular stage; (4) precise ailment identification making personalized treatment plan possible; (5) better results by means of targeted cure and lessened side effects; and (6) active checking of cure reaction as well as ailment evolution. One of the most basic as well as most familiar examples of personalized medicine arrived in “Herceptin (trastuzumab)” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Future is Personalized Medicine
For example, under this impending healthcare revolution, patients will be able to walk into a doctor's office with a 'smart card' in hand, which contains encoded sequence of their genome. Armed with a complete and accurate understanding of a patient's unique genome, the physician can then prescribe the right drug in the right dosage at the right time to effectively treat the health condition.
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Personalized Medicine
Personalized medicine plays a role in the condition of millions suffering from inherited diseases globally. Researchers have demonstrated that this new branch of health science had resulted in effective intervention of the many genetic abnormalities more than had been thought impossible. The genetic technology employed in prenatal alone.
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Personalized Medicine
The author of the paper focuses on the issue of the personalized medicine which provides treatment of complex diseases, which include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Besides, as the author puts it, personalized medicine aims at satisfying individuals’ treatment needs, as well as aiding in the design process of an individual treatment.
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Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Personalized Medicine The National Human Genome Research Institute has provided a definition of personalized medicine as “an emerging practice of medicine that uses an individual's genetic profile to guide decisions made in regard to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
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The future of natural medicine
Some helth systems hve gone even further-by systemticlly delivering clinicl services vi telemedicine, - rpidly developing ppliction of clinicl medicine where medicl informtion is trnsferred vi telephone, the Internet or other networks for the purpose of consulting, nd sometimes remote medicl procedures or exmintions.
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The Future of Natural Medicine
ere depicted in the cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux caves in France, which have been Radiocarbon dated to between 13000-25000 BC.[Wikepedia, Herbalism] Overtime and by trial and error the ancient man gained knowledge which was passed down generations to generations.
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The future of natural medicine
Some heаlth systems hаve gone even further—by systemаticаlly delivering clinicаl services viа telemedicine, - а rаpidly developing аpplicаtion of clinicаl medicine where medicаl informаtion is trаnsferred viа telephone, the
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Evaluate the current applications of nanotechnology in medicine. Discuss the potential future of nanomedicine based on current issues
Nanotechnology is still under development and it has a lot of potential in health care construction in areas such as gene therapy, diagnostics and drug transport (Koprwoski, 2012, p.157). Over the years nanotechnology has been thought of being a dream for
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Current applications of nanotechnology in medicine and its future potential
Knowledge explosion in the field of nanotechnologies due to the pervasiveness of research in the area has led to the increased applications of nanotechnologies in the real world thereby leading to tremendous innovativeness in many industries, particularly in medicine.
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Institute of Medicine: The Future of Nursing
The Institute of Medicine report is a comprehensive report conducted by IOM in conjunction with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the role of nursing in transforming healthcare system in the US. Nurses form the largest proportion of health care workers with numbers reaching 3 million, and they are integral front players in the health care system.
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