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Health and Physical Education work plan - Assignment Example

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Rationale Multi-dimensional and dynamic nature of health is reflected by Health and Physical Education in Australia. Furthermore, it recognizes physical activities significance in individual lives and groups in Australia. The topic of study is ‘What is good for you?…
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Health and Physical Education work plan
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Download file to see previous pages A physical education teacher or tutor is employed in the school and the study subject given great emphasis. Basically, the unit takes into consideration health Knowledge and Understanding. It also incorporates personal development and physical activities. Generally, the unit will emphasize on health to explore the topic of study with concentration on anxiety and depression. However, it will mainly focus on importance of physical activity and how it influences how a person feels in mind and body. Furthermore, students will be expected to design their own exercise plans. It is expected to be flexible and easily adopted in all situations, for instance, busy schedule among others. According to past research, regular exercises is essential to personal health because it helps in reduction of mortality rate, chronic diseases among other health complications arising from idleness or laziness such as obesity. There are several benefits of health and physical education; these have been proven either practically or by past research. For instance, it reduces emotional and mental stress, improves well being and health and to some extent improves personal look or appearance. It also improves cognitive skills in students hence boosts performance in academic work. Furthermore, it enhances teamwork and social interaction among others. There are several benefits of physical activity and all contribute to academic and health well being of students. Therefore, health and physical education has to feature in my daily lesson plan. This is with an aim of improving health and academic status of students and increasing chances of academic excellence. It also ensures and increases chances of personal development. Year level/s: 8/9 Time allocation Unit title Targeted Essential Learnings Assessable elements Assessment instruments and techniques 5 weeks – 15 lessons What is good for you Ways of working Students are able to: Identify issues and inequities and plan investigations and activities. Research, analyse and evaluate data, information and evidence. Draw conclusions and make decisions to construct arguments. Propose, justify, implement and monitor plans or actions to achieve goals, address inequities and promote health and wellbeing, movement capacities and personal development. Refine movement skills and apply movement concepts, and the principles of training. Create and perform movement sequences by manipulating and combining movement skills and applying movement concepts. Identify risks and devise and apply safe practices. Select and apply positive, respectful and inclusive personal development skills and strategies. Reflect on health inequities, and identify the impact of diverse influences on health and wellbeing, movement capacities and personal development, and the best use of positive influences. Reflect on learning, apply new understandings and justify future applications. Knowledge and understanding Health Meet specific nutritional needs. Adopt health promotion strategies Physical activity Enhance physical participation and performance in physical activities Enhance health well being and performance capabilities. Personal development Sensitive expression of ideas and cultural protocols respect Mathematics Use mathematical conclusion and interpretations to make inferences and generalize reasoning. English Reflecting on learning, application of new understanding and justification of future applications. Science Conducting and application of safe audits and identification and management of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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