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Differences And Similarities In Politics Of Japan and South Korea - Research Paper Example

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The motive of this project is to compare Japan and South Korea in the East and South East Asia regions respectively, which stand out as countries that demonstrate huge progress in their political affairs in the post-world war period and both have experiences of political and economic turbulence…
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Differences And Similarities In Politics Of Japan and South Korea
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Download file to see previous pages When Japan had taken control of Korea earlier on, it left behind deep-rooted cultures and politics among the Koreans, which the citizens struggled for decades to change in terms of the inferior notion of authoritative governance.
Thesis: This paper compares the political institutions, primarily the electoral systems and bureaucracies of Japan and South Korea. It asserts that they have a common mixed type of electoral system, and similar roles in their bureaucracies, while explaining their divergence in an application. It seeks to elaborate on the trends of their elections and the power of bureaucracies after the reforms.
The next section of the paper addresses the electoral system and rooted bureaucracies in Japan and South Korea in that order. It exposes the divergence in the election of the legislative houses and the differences in the structures of bureaucracies and their influence in governance.
The electoral system of Japan changed in 1994 to transform the country’s politics and its elections. Japan conducts three types of elections; the general elections held after every 4 years to elect the house representatives, local elections after the same 4 year period and elections for a half of house of Councilors after 3 years (“The Electoral System,” Japan employs a secret ballot election and has a minimum voting age for persons aged 20. Japanese politics have changed in the last twenty years from candidate-centered politics to modern democratic politics that feature in political parties. The 1994 reform introduced a member electoral system, changing from SNTV system to single-member district (SMD) plurality component and the PR component (Maeda 5). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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