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Screening of Non- Nnative Species in US Border - Research Paper Example

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This essay seeks to explain the benefits of screening non-native species besides relaying effects of invasive species US’ environment. The researcher states that solutions to invasive species are complicated because it is already too late for their elimination…
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Screening of Non- Nnative Species in US Border
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Extract of sample "Screening of Non- Nnative Species in US Border"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that approximately 50,000 non-native species have been introduced in the US up to date. Non -native species can be referred to as invasive if it poses danger to the ecological systems. Introduced species that need to be taken care of by humans in order to thrive are known as ornamental plants. Other than human activities, non-native species can be introduced through climatic change due to natural selection whereby new organisms that can survive are established. Continental drift is another factor known to contribute to the presence of non-native species. However, these are slow processes and the most common is human activity. During past centuries, immigration has taken place globally man relocating to extremely far destinations whereby his movements yielded to the transportation of plants as well as other organisms to completely new environments away from their native ecosystem. To protect these ecosystems, native species, and the economy of US, respective authorities have devised regulatory measures meant to control the introduction of new foreign species by humans. Invasive species encounter extremely strict measures imposed on them despite their benefits, which they will bring to their new environment. Early detection and immediate response is the best strategy to protect the ecosystem. This is the reason for a screening of non-native species in the US border. This essay seeks to explain the benefits of screening non-native species besides relaying effects of invasive species US’ environment. Experts have contended that the ongoing disease outbreaks and non-native species invasion could have prevented early in advance but it is inevitable now. This is by blocking initial entry at the US borders such that they are unable to enter. A Ghanaian importer responsible for the importation of Gambian rats, which led to the highly vulnerable monkey-pox virus cited borders’ laxity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Screening of Non- Nnative Species in US Border Research Paper.
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