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Oceans and Coasts - Research Paper Example

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The current paper focuses on the effects of fishing on species in coasts around Boston; it has been proved that the lack of effective monitoring of the particular activity has led to the decrease in the population of oceanic species in the specific area – a common problem in oceans worldwide…
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Oceans and Coasts
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Extract of sample "Oceans and Coasts"

Download file to see previous pages Fishing is an activity of critical importance for economies worldwide; apart from serving the local needs in food, fishing is often used for the support of the local or the national economy – in accordance with the terms of the relevant agreements. However, fishing can adversely affect the environment especially when it is excessive, leading to the limitation of various species within a specific sea zone. Current paper focuses on the effects of fishing on species in coasts around Boston; it has been proved that the lack of effective monitoring of the particular activity has led to the decrease in the population of oceanic species in the specific area – a common problem in oceans worldwide; the examination of this problem’s various aspects has led to the assumption that there are still chances for the limitation of the above phenomenon but only under the terms that appropriate measures are taken; the monitoring of these initiatives by the local authorities is a prerequisite for the success of the relevant projects. The study of similar practices adopted by governments worldwide – for handling this problem – would help to avoid severe mistakes and failures when developing the above plans.
Fishing is part of Boston’s economy; the specific activity is the source of living for a lot of people in the greater Boston region; however, the practices of fishing are not always appropriately controlled - as a result the population of oceanic species in coasts around Boston is continuously decreased. In accordance with a report published in City Data (2010) the economy of Boston is heavily based on ‘high technology, finance, professional and business services, defense, and educational and medical institutions’ (City Data, 2010). Fishing has been proved to be a threat for the oceanic species in coasts surrounding Boston; however, it is not expected to lead to severe harms over these species – at least compared with other activities, like the pollution of the marine ecosystem that can result to various negative effects on local species – diseases and even death are common effects of excessive pollution of sea (Sindermann, 1996, p.35). As noted in the study of Fletcher (2004, p.11) the importance of marine ecosystems for the economies of coastal regions cannot be denied; however, measures need to be taken ensuring that the oceanic species are adequately protected.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Oceans and Coasts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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