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Indeed, comparing with the ancient periods, the global climate was so much conducive for human and other creatures’ inhabitation as compared to the…
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Week 10: Discussion Topic+Quizz
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Climate Change Insert Insert Climate Change According to this chapter on climate change, I support that civilization has led to significant changes in the world climate. Indeed, comparing with the ancient periods, the global climate was so much conducive for human and other creatures’ inhabitation as compared to the present times of 21 century. During the ancient times when there got no civilization, all the weather aspects such as humidity, precipitation, the wind, temperature, air pressure, and solar insulation got so favorable that different crops could thrive (, 2015).
Civilization has led to advancement in technology, which in turn has led increase in the levels of industrialization and its climatic threats. Industrialization has resulted into increase in the emission of CO2 the atmosphere through such processes as burning of petroleum fuels, use of charcoal and firewood as alternative sources of energy among others. These are evident in some factories, locomotives, domestic usages and consumptions, that all result in the CO2 emission into the atmosphere.
The increased CO2 and greenhouse gasses has in turn led to the depletion of the ozone layer, permitting a lot of ultraviolet rays to penetrate through, leading to global warming. Indeed, the increased global warming has resulted in rising in ocean temperature, due to the reduction in ice volumes which melts. It has led to unpredictable weather conditions such as hurricanes. It has further resulted in the unfolding of the northern regions due to the melting of the ice in the Arctic areas (, 2015).
To mitigate this, there has gotten establishment of numerous research centers, institutes and organizations for the prime purpose of finding out the future world climatic conditions. These conditions are likely to manifest if mitigation strategies have not yet gotten put underway, and, therefore, these research institutions have the mandate of coming up with the best climatic strategies and solutions.
By responding to the posting by others, I will say that actually it is true and at the same time amazing on the changes of the water table levels and accumulation of salts in the top soil. Barley grow better in salty soils, same to wheat, but human beings had to go for barley due to its high economic value and demand. By concluding that after a month full of butterflies, the following month temperatures and storm systems got influenced, and due to this, human beings conducted a number of researches. There are also a number of technological advancements meant to check on the same.
Reference,. (2015). Geography Of Contemporary Issues. Retrieved 14 June 2015, from Read More
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Week 10: Discussion Topic Quizz Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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