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Water - Assignment Example

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This is not the only problem in terms of water supply to the city: it is told that “Arizona could be forced to cut water deliveries to its…
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Water Assignment
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Extract of sample "Water"

Water Issues of Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona, is a big metropolice which grown extremely rapidly, andits increasing population faces increasing a big water demand. This is not the only problem in terms of water supply to the city: it is told that “Arizona could be forced to cut water deliveries to its two largest cities unless states that tap the dwindling Colorado River find ways to reduce water consumption and deal with a crippling drought…” (Wines, 2014). It is also reported that the level of underground water is also decreasing: in 2009 it made 91 meters, while the index of the year 2011 is frightening: 115 meters deep. (Song, 2010).
The city of Tucson, though, tries to manage its water demand and provide water to its citizens by means of three major water sources: Colorado River water intended to be delivered to the city under CAP – Central Arizona Project, groundwater and, finally, recycling of the water. (Central Arizona Project, 2011; Song, 2010). The latter technology is a newly-developed one and is applied by means of putting of the water back to the underground for its use in the future. There is also a technique unique for Tucson: in the western part of the city, there are big water basins serving as a water supply reservoir. (Song, 2010).
The biggest role plays the water from Colorado River because, firstly, it is a natural source of water and is one of the most easily available, and, secondly, because this is a renewable source. The second role belongs to the underground waters because their level decrease year by year, and they should be used responsibly. The third role, which may become the first within the next years, plays the recycling technology because it is a new approach and needs deeper research and development of skills to maximize profits of its use.
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Water Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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