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From poe to pole - Assignment Example

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Narrated by David Attenborough, the first episode of BBC’s documentary “From pole to pole,” takes the viewer on a journey of earth’s last wildernesses. The documentary explores the impact of climatic change on the existence of wildlife and addresses how the earth…
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From poe to pole
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Extract of sample "From poe to pole"

From Pole to Pole Narrated by David Attenborough, the first episode of BBC’s documentary “From pole to pole,” takes the viewer on a journey of earth’s last wildernesses. The documentary explores the impact of climatic change on the existence of wildlife and addresses how the earth undergoes seasonal changes. It discusses how the changes in weather seasons affect different animals living on land (BBC 1).
One of the most remarkable points that made an impression me is the fact that emperor penguins and Polar bears can survive for four months without food during winter. They are exposed to extremely low temperatures and darkness throughout the winter period but they still survive after the season is over. When I first saw the conditions these animals are exposed to I could not believe that they can sustain their lives for four months. As a human, I am aware that warmth and food are critical conditions for survival. However, the documentary has opened my eyes to appreciate the fact that humans are made different from wild animals. Humans have access to shelter and can change their lifestyles according to changing seasons. For instance, all the animals migrate when winter starts but the emperor penguin and the polar bears live behind (BBC 1).
The most important observation is that seasons influence animal behaviour tremendously because animals strive for survival. For instance, the emperor penguins are constantly standing during the winter season. It was astonishing and I forced myself to do some research on the penguin’s behaviour. I discovered that standing on their feet reduces their area of contact with ice to minimal levels and enables them preserve the little body heat that they have. In fact, it was surprising to note that they incubate eggs during the winter season.
The other interesting point relates to the existence of the Amur leopard that leaves in the forests of eastern Russia. They are forty in number and are considered to be the rarest cat in the world. According to the narrator, the rare existence of the Amur leopard "symbolises the fragility of our natural heritage" (BBC 1). It is interesting to have the narrator connect the existence of animals to the impact of nature on wildlife. The most valued things in life are rare to be found and difficult to get. Our national heritage consists of our values and our environment. However, the world has been experiencing environmental degradation with the increase in human as well as animal population. However, humans are the biggest cause of the fragility of natural heritage. They invade natural habitats thus pushing wild animals into unfamiliar territories. For instance, the narrator has mentioned that the African Leopard could never survive in the eastern forests of Russia. When human activities push such animals into such cold conditions, then such animals automatically die. Humans should the evidence of how their actions are affecting wild animals. Wild animals are necessary to ensure that we have a balanced ecosystem.
The documentary reveals the cyclical nature of nature and how animals respond to these changes. At one moment, there is cold and darkness for four months. Animals remain inactive and survive throughout this period. Afterwards, there is sun throughout the day and animals get active by hunting and searching for pasture.

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