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The Theory of Population - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that population geography is a term used to refer to the study of the geography of human beings and it focuses on how various factors including the scattering, relocation as well as the progression of human population impacts the environment and landscape of a particular region. …
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The Theory of Population
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Extract of sample "The Theory of Population"

Download file to see previous pages The term population cohort is even recognized as population pyramid and this concept forwards the notion that a particular population comprises of organisms that are similar in nature and interbreed in a particular area. The theory states that population changes in three different stages including the growth stage in which population experiences an increase as a result of abundant sources for nutrition and low competition for those sources. The second stage is the stability stage in which population growth increases at a stable rate because of the decrease in resources and increase in competition. The third stage is the decline in which the population growth decreases as a result of lack of resources and ultimately the population comes to an end.
The term Islam is used to refer to the submission to what the God wills. This means that the believers in the religion of Islam give precedence to the God’s will over their own will in various endeavors of their life including daily activities, believes and ideas.
The term Muslim is used to refer to an individual who follows the religion of Islam and is an individual who has surrendered himself to their God called Allah. This means that a Muslim is an individual who has given himself in the hands of God and has allowed God to decide what the individual should and should not do.
The religion of Islam is based on five pillars that every Muslim has to accept and abide by. These pillars include the belief that there is no other God in this world except Allah. Furthermore, a believer has to worship Allah five times a day while facing towards Mecca. A believer even has to share his earnings with others in the form of charity and observe fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Lastly, a believer who has the physical, as well as monetary ability, should visit Mecca as a form of pilgrimage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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