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How does the physical geography lf the place affect the human culture and the human geography and how has human culture affected by it - Research Paper Example

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It was stated that “Geography doesnt just determine whether humans can live in a certain area or not, it also determines peoples lifestyles, as they adapt to the…
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How does the physical geography lf the place affect the human culture and the human geography and how has human culture affected by it
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Extract of sample "How does the physical geography lf the place affect the human culture and the human geography and how has human culture affected by it"

Download file to see previous pages (Auerbach). This paper is aimed at investigation of the local conditions of New Hartford, NY, and their influence on the local inhabitants on the example of the shopping mall located in this city.
The following methods will be used to perform the research under the topic of the paper: analysis of the reference literature on the research topic; interviewing the local inhabitants about local conditions and their influence on life of the society.
The studies of the reference literature have given the following results. Geographic factors influence development and life of people in the place of their living. “The “geographical factor” has evolved from a mere reference to a geographical indication of provenance of a product to that of an indicator of qualities or characteristics which reflect its geographical origin.” (Gonzales, Johnston, 225). The above mentioned four points of influence, land, soil, water and climate, determine the way people live: if the land allows for good harvest gathering, the society develops agricultural activity, when water is an insufficient resource, it is necessary to find the ways to make it present and sufficient for society activity and life support. (Auerbach). Japan is a good example of land influence, as it often suffers from earthquakes and tsunamis caused by them. These adverse events made the Japanese develop tactics to resist their aftermath and to quickly react in terms of human lives saving. Literature study provided the basis for the second method of research.
According to the New Hartford inhabitants, it is an ordinary US town with little differences from the other ones alike. The suburb city cannot boast at a wide range of big enterprises, important events or sources for breaking news, the older people say. A typical set of natural resources is sufficient to support the society life activity. Water, ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Does the Physical Geography Lf the Place Affect the Human Culture Research Paper.
“How Does the Physical Geography Lf the Place Affect the Human Culture Research Paper”, n.d.
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