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Major Assignment - Research Paper Example

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As per Ezequiel Martinez Estrada, a famous Argentine writer, Chile is worst-shaped and worst-located country in the earth as it is a nation of a long thin ribbon of land (Collier & Sater 2004: xix). If we analyse the history of Chile, it has suffered mainly due to dictatorship…
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Major Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages In area, Chile is slightly bigger than Texas or France and it is 756,946 long and lies on the 380 latitude and its southernmost tip where Horn Island is situated where there is a cape which is lying on the 560. Hence, some part of the Chile lies inside the tropics and this region is the nearest continental land on the planet to the snowy expanse of Antarctica. Chile claims the ownership for these region. Hence, there is a large variation in latitude from north to south, there has been great dissimilarities in climate. Valley, oasis, arid deserts, rain-forests, tranquil green pastures, icy glaciers, mountain-framed lakes and rocky archipelagos are natural beauties that adorn Chile. Along the lines of latitude, Chile’s geographical division can be identified as forest Chile, desert Chile and Mediterranean Chile (Collier & Sater 2004: xix).
Chile lies on the south-west of Pacific coast of South America. The whole nation is comprised of a thin strip of land protruding North-South. It has a maximum breadth of 420 kms which has around 2,006,096 of which only 756,626 are considered to be continental whereas the balance area is comprised of the Chilean Antarctic. Chile is a small nation situated in the Southern South America bordered by the South Pacific Ocean lying between Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. Its geographic coordinates are 710 W & 300 W.
Chile has a total continental area of 756,626 out of which about 12,290 sq. km is occupied by the water and 743,812 is filled by the terrestrial. Chile owns two islands namely Isla Salary Gomez and Easter Island. It shares largest land boundary of 6339 kms with Argentina (5308 km) and Bolivia (860) and smaller portion with Peru (171 km). It shares a long coastal line of 6345 km. As per 2011 statistics, Chile has an arable land of 1.74%, it is developing permanent crops just only in 0.06% and other ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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