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See pictures - Essay Example

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The film, “Atomic Journey: Welcome to Ground Zero,” covers several nuclear tests carried out in various regions. The primary focus of the paper will be to summarize the underground…
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See pictures
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First Sur Welcome to Ground Zero Four decades ago, the government kept secret the testing of atomic weapons across the country. The film, “Atomic Journey: Welcome to Ground Zero,” covers several nuclear tests carried out in various regions. The primary focus of the paper will be to summarize the underground nuclear tests of “Amchitka Island” and “Faultless,” covered in the film. Alongside the summaries, the paper discusses the geographic damages and earthquake effects that they generated.
Faultless was a vast underground nuclear experiment approximately one megaton carried out in 1968. The blast of the operation extended outwards one thousand feet violently heaving the ground upwards fifteen feet. It created a very steep chimney that later collapsed upwards towards the surface. It melted and vaporized rocks. Pressure generated rammed the bedrock laterally creating two roughly parallel faults almost 0.9 miles apart southwest and northeast of the explosion. As the rupture took place, the earth slid downward in between settling 10 feet below the rest of the landscape of the desert. The collapsing chimney also left behind a minor subsidence crater. Besides the geographic distortions of the earth’s surface, the experiment also causes an earthquake that affected houses 87 miles away leaving the windows of White Pine High School Shuttered.
Amchitka Island
The initial nuclear test conducted on Amchitka Island was a long shot. It was an atomic Bomb detonated 2300 feet underground in 1965. A second one was a hydrogen bomb exploded at a depth of 3992 feet below the surface. Its yield was approximately one megaton, 67 times the Hiroshima bomb. The blast triggered a series of small earthquakes and several massive landslides. It knocked water from rivers, ponds and lakes that were more than 50 feet in the air. The Cannikin bomb exploded with the earthquake force registering 7.0 on the richer scale.
Even though the U.S government keeps insisting on guaranteeing environmental protection and safety during nuclear operations, these tests still affect the geographical orientation of the nearby areas and cause earthquakes.

Work Cited
Atomic Journeys: Welcome to Ground Zero. (1999). America. Read More
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See Pictures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4.
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