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Social Exclusion and Contestation: the Situation Related to the Gypsy People of Britain - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this project is to examine the politics of exclusion and contestation involving Gypsies and travellers and the relevant debates that come with it. This includes the review and analysis of important matters and situations that come together…
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Social Exclusion and Contestation: the Situation Related to the Gypsy People of Britain
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Extract of sample "Social Exclusion and Contestation: the Situation Related to the Gypsy People of Britain"

Download file to see previous pages Constructivism in every society sets forth patterns and boundaries for determining the scope and limits of every group of people (Goodin & Tilly, 2012). In a fascinating statement, Adolph Reed identifies that “race does not arise from biology; ethnicity does not arise from culture; religion does not arise from spiritual belief; class does not arise from material conditions. Instead, these categories are constituted by politics and by the particular historical processes that have organized access to power in ways that forge boundaries of exclusion and selective inclusion”. This statement above indicates that social stratification in the society is determined by the creation of various conscious and unconscious boundaries that segregates the society into various classes and groups. This can be done by first defining the culture of a country or community and based on this there could be the inclusion and exclusion of certain people in the society (Schwarz & West-Pavlov, 2012). Once there is exclusion, there is contestation for inclusion. Some authorities assert that inter-group communication is tantamount to cross-cultural contestation because it involves the clash of cultures and the review of different views and ideas in order to create a thesis and antithesis before a synthesis could be drawn (Ross, 2009). This leads to conflicts that are played out in various ways and processes for the achievement of recognition and acceptance in different parts of the world. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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