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In the light of reverences - Assignment Example

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The people of the Native American tribe Wintu treat the mountain as a sacred place and this is where they execute their religious practices. The state government treats this place only as recreational and money source. They argue that all the lands are the common property…
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In the light of reverences
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Extract of sample "In the light of reverences"

Geography Questions The people of the Native American tribe Wintu treat the mountain as a sacred place and this is where they execute their religious practices. The state government treats this place only as recreational and money source. They argue that all the lands are the common property. Tourists treat this land only as a landmark. There is one more group of people who use this mountain for their purposes, they imitate the Wintu’s rituals, but they aren’t Native Americans and all their rituals seem to be profane.
2. These four perceptions of this mountain base on the different perceptions of the religious rituals and the Earth itself. Different people see this mountain in different ways, so they use it according their own needs and ways of life. America is a country where everyone has a right for his/her own perception of such things like the Shasta mountain, but no one is an absolute owner of the land.
3. If I were a policy maker of the Park Service I would decide in favour of the Wintu tribe people. I consider that if their native land is not a reservation now we should leave them a chance to decide what to do at least with their sacred place. We can organize a ski resort on the hill of some other mountain while the history of this tribe is closely connected with this very place. Judging from what the Wintu people said about this mountain I can conclude that for them this place is much more important, because if the tribe is deprived of this mountain and the sacred spring it means that the people of Wintu are robbed of the opportunity to save their authentic culture, traditions and the core of their legends and history, while the other do not lose something irreplaceable.
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(In the Light of Reverences Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
In the Light of Reverences Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“In the Light of Reverences Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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