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This could be useful in identifying the core reasons why students in public schools should be tested for drug use.
The article would be very…
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Tentative Reference List
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References CPA. . Tackling Problem of Drug Use: Thirtieth Report of Session 2009-10. London: The Stationary Office Limited. The Committee of Public Accounts (CPA) wrote the article. It will be used because it contains information related to steps that governments have taken in an attempt to eradicate drug abuse.
CTFK. (2002). Smoking and Other Drug Use. Washington, DC: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kinds.
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kinds (CTFK), wrote this article. The article contains information on the interconnection between the uses of several illegal drugs.
Greene, J. P., & Forster, G. (2004). Sex, Drugs, and Delinquency in Urban and Suburban Public Schools. New York, NY: Manhattan Institute For Policy Research.
The article contains information about how irresponsible sexual behavior and crime rate in public schools is influenced by drug use. This could be useful in identifying the core reasons why students in public schools should be tested for drug use.
Maithya, R. (2009). Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools in Kenya: Developing a Program for Prevention and Intervention. Retrieved from University of South Africa (UNISA).
The article contains important information on some of the results of drug use among the young people.
NIDA. (2003). Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents (2nd ed.). Bethesda, Maryland: National Institute of Health.
The article would be very significant since it contains information on risks and protective factors that should be considered when preventing adolescent and children drug use. Moreover, it contains information on how to plan for drug abuse prevention in a community.
Ranaweera, R., & Samarasinghe, D. (2006).Prevention of Drug Use in Schools. Retrieved from World Health Organization. (ISBN 92 9022 277 8).
This article would be very essential for this research because it provides information on drugs that should be prevented in schools. It also contains some of the approaches that could be undertaken to prevent drug use in schools which is essential in our research recommendation.
SWD. (2010). Drugs in Schools: Procedure for Managing Drug Related Incidents. Retrieved from NSW Department of Education and Training 2010. (PD 20020040).
This article would provide information about the rules and consequences that should be introduced for those found using drugs in schools. It also provides information on how to manage drug related incidences.
Thomas, C. (2002). What You Need to Know about Drug Testing in Schools. Retrieved from Office of National Drug Control Policy. (NCJ 195522).
This article is important since it contains arguments on whether students should be tested for drug use. Moreover, it contains some of the evidences from court rulings that indicate whether drug testing should be undertaken in schools.
Yamaguchi, R., Johnston, L. D., & O’Malley, P. M. (2003). Drug Testing in Schools: Policies, Practices, and Association with Student Drug Use. Retrieved from ISR University of Michigan.
This article contains information like the legal issues surrounding this research topic. People who advocate for students not to be tested for drug use use the arguments. The other information that this article contain is the reason why schools should test members of their fraternity for drug use. These are actually the arguments brought out by the people who advocate for drug testing in public schools.
Zimmerman, M. A., & Schmeelk-Cone, K. H. (2003). A longitudinal Analysis of Adolescent Substance Use and School Motivation among African American Youth. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 13 (2), 185-210.
This article is crucial for this research since it relates the motivational aspect of students to the issue of drug use. Moreover, it relates drug use to poverty and other social issues. Read More
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