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HIV/AIDS - Essay Example

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HIV/AIDS is a major pandemic that continue to frustrate the efforts by African countries in their quest to attain the MDG 6 goals. HIV/AIDS continue to rage in Africa often sustained…
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Extract of sample "HIV/AIDS"

HIV/AIDS I select two articles for review both of which talk about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa. HIV/AIDS is a major pandemic that continue to frustrate the efforts by African countries in their quest to attain the MDG 6 goals. HIV/AIDS continue to rage in Africa often sustained by poor cultures and extreme poverty.
In the first article HIV/AIDS Epidemic Still Ravaging African Countries by VOA’s Kim Lewis, the author dispels the notion that some of the African countries are winning the war against HIV/AIDS. The article asserts that the pandemic continue to kill millions of Africans on a daily basis. The condition is worse since most victims of the disease use the antiretroviral drug thus sustaining the spread of the disease into various parts of the impoverished continent. Most of the African countries have implemented drug therapies thus containing HIV related deaths. Unfortunately, other countries like Congo and the Central African Republic lack such therapies. People therefore continue to die of the disease on a daily basis. The second article, HIV/AIDS: a rural issue investigates the prevalent of the disease in rural Africa. Rural Africa continues to appreciate retrogressive cultures such as wife inheritance. Such cultures foster the spread of the disease in such regions. Additionally, the rural areas are characterized by poverty and lack of adequate education. Both features hinder the spread of information on the pandemic. The disease therefore continues to rage in rural Africa unabated owing to the lack of appropriate resources.
Understanding the spread of the disease in Africa is essential in containing it. From the above articles, it becomes evident that we must change tact and fight such social issues as poverty and lack of education in the continent in order to succeed in the fight against HIV.AIDS.
Food and Agriculture Organization. (2013). HIV/AIDS: a rural issue.
Lewis, K. (13 December, 2013). HIV/AIDS Epidemic Still Ravaging African Countries. New York: VOA. msf-arts-treatment-access-film-series/1809629.html Read More
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HIV/AIDS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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