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Class Project - Coursework Example

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First of all, looking at synoptic maps at University of Wyoming weather site, I’ve noticed, that not for all three consecutive days there are…
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Class Project
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Extract of sample "Class Project"

Download file to see previous pages They were different fronts changing each other on this territory during three days. As fronts are boundaries between air masses with different temperature and can also differ with content, I thought interesting weather changes could happen there. I also checked a temperature changes and weather history at the other site (
As I said, on synoptic maps we can see different marks on chosen place during three chosen days. There is a mark L – Low, - Cyclone 28th of July 2014. Near L’s usually are strong winds, which can change weather and bring clouds and precipitation. Also there is a yellow front line. 29th of July 2014 we can see a different front – a blue one, - there. Also Cyclone had changed coordinately. Last day it was L – Low, this day it’s H – for High. Winds blow clockwise here. It’s anticyclone, so clouds should be gone and weather could be fine (Calvert, J. B). 30th of July anticyclone is moving East. Also yellow marks for fronts are back. So clearly, these three days had been not the most boring ones.
28th of July. Temperature wasn’t very stable. It was the highest about 6 AM – 83-84F and all morning it was pretty warm. Temperature was lowing ‘till noon and about 7 PM was 53-54F. So it’s 30F per day change.
Dew point this day was more or less stable, though lowed to 37F about 6 AM (about that time, when temperature was the highest). In the evening it was stable – 56-57F, though temperature was the lowest.
Looking at PH graph, we see that it changes a lot. Again with the highest temperature about 6 AM it was low – a little bit more, than 20% and in the evening – about 80% while temperature was the lowest. So I suppose it was raining in Steamboat Springs, because as we also knew from synoptic map, there was a cyclone that day.
But RH jumped. Again, it was the lowest about 5 AM (30%) and had reached mark 80% in the evening. As we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Class Project Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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