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Explain how the sea breeze and land breeze can happen - Assignment Example

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The sea breeze occurs because of the differential heating that occurs between the sea and the land (Holmes, 2007). The seasons in which the occurrence of sea breeze is on the high end are summer and spring…
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Explain how the sea breeze and land breeze can happen
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SEA BREEZE AND LAND BREEZE goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] How Does Sea Breeze Occur? Sea breeze refers to the wind that blows towards the land from the ocean. The sea breeze occurs because of the differential heating that occurs between the sea and the land (Holmes, 2007). The seasons in which the occurrence of sea breeze is on the high end are summer and spring seasons. During these seasons the difference between the temperatures of the sea and the land is very high. In the afternoon, this difference becomes even higher because at this part of the day the land absorbs the maximum temperature from the sun (Climate Education, 2013).
Water absorbs heating from the sun more effectively than the land which is also an absorber of sun’s energy. The air above the land is warmer as compared to the air above the sea because of this heat absorption difference. The warm land air rises all through the day which results in decreasing the surface pressure. This difference in pressure causes the wind to blow from the high pressure area (sea or ocean) to the low pressure area (land) causing the sea breeze (Climate Education, 2013). The strength of the sea breeze depends on the difference in temperatures between the sea and the land. The more the difference, more strong will be the sea breeze. The largest example of sea breeze development is the Monsoon season in Southern Asia in which huge differences between the temperatures of cooler Arabian Sea and warmer land areas provide a strong base for the development of sea breeze (Holmes, 2007).
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How Does Land Breeze Occur?
The development of land breeze is just the opposite case of the sea breeze development. Land breeze usually occurs in the night when the temperature of the ocean becomes warmer than that of the land. The reason is that land loses the absorbed heat more quickly as compared to sea. Sea is a good absorber of sun’s energy due to which it cannot lose heat quickly when the sun goes down. On the other hand, land cannot absorb sun’s energy as efficiently as an ocean can do it because of which it loses heat more quickly upon sunset. The surface pressure also goes up on the land as the result of which the air starts moving towards the sea which is the low pressure area during night.
Winds always blow from the high pressure surfaces to the low pressure surfaces. Therefore, when warm air rises, the temperature of the land goes down and a high surface pressure is created which causes the wind to blow towards the sea where the surface pressure is low. This shift of wind from the land to the sea causes the land breeze (Climate Education, 2013).
Land Breeze
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Climate Education. (2013). Sea and Land Breezes. Retrieved from
Holmes, J. (2007). The Mechanism behind a Sea Breeze. Retrieved from Read More
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Explain how the sea breeze and land breeze can happen Assignment. Retrieved from
(Explain How the Sea Breeze and Land Breeze Can Happen Assignment)
Explain How the Sea Breeze and Land Breeze Can Happen Assignment.
“Explain How the Sea Breeze and Land Breeze Can Happen Assignment”, n.d.
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