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Global diffusion of European/American/Western culture today - Essay Example

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An individual culture is perceived to experience critical influence from other external cultures as “Change often comes from outside a culture rather than from within” (Dahlman and…
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Global diffusion of European/American/Western culture today
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Extract of sample "Global diffusion of European/American/Western culture today"

Global Diffusion of American/European/Western Culture Today It is evident that a key limitation of the cultural evolutionism seldom exists in isolation. An individual culture is perceived to experience critical influence from other external cultures as “Change often comes from outside a culture rather than from within” (Dahlman and William, 209). This results to the global diffusion of the western culture across virtually all societal settings. However, this aspect is deemed to contain diverse merits and demerits thereby affecting individuals in both positive and negative aspects.
In my opinion, westernization has been positive to the developing countries, particularly to the African and the Asian nations since it brings about economic development. As these nations interact with the Western states through trade, their infrastructure has improved and thereby bettering their living standards (Dahlman and William, 209). These nations are perceived to emulate the Western living styles and thereby improve their facilities. It has also led to the betterment of their education. Besides, the liberal aspects of the western culture have allowed numerously victimized individuals to be conversant with their rights, and hence lessen their discrimination. This is evident in the African and Asian women, who have experienced unjustifiable discrimination over time.
However, this cultural diffusion also bears some demerits (Dahlman and William, 209). Critics argue that the western culture is perceivably too liberated, and hence has resulted to various conflicts, owing to the difference of dissimilar values. Some aspects that are acceptable in the Western culture such as gay marriages are utterly unaccepted in the developing nations’ culture. Besides, it has promoted the disintegration of long-preserved aspects of diverse cultures, including the dressing modes and language disappearance.
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Dahlman, Carl and William, Renwick. Introduction to geography: people, places, and environment. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2014. Print. Read More
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