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Wrapping up: World Regions in Global Context Lecture - Essay Example

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Despite its small size, the city state is known worldwide particularly for the successful economic development which has been witnessed in the country within the last few decades. The…
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Wrapping up: World Regions in Global Context Lecture
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Extract of sample "Wrapping up: World Regions in Global Context Lecture"

Download file to see previous pages This is particularly evidenced the growth of universities and various academic institutions which are supported by the government in order to provide better quality and skilled local labor supply. However, as Singapore seeks to bridge the flow of knowledge between the East and the West, both its strategic geographical location as well as is small size has significantly played a critical role.
For example, the strategic location of Singapore in Southeast Asia has enabled the country to become an attractive location to various foreign universities, expatriates and academicians who are primarily attracted by the geographical position of the city particularly its close proximity to China, Japan and other Asian pacific industrial hubs situated in the South Asia and as well as the East Asia. This has attracted many foreign academics and Universities such as the elite Western business schools like Chicago School of Business into the country. Additionally, the strategic location has enabled the country to receive expatriate academicians and professionals in the knowledge economy from various countries both in the West as well as the East.
On the other hand, the relative small size of Singapore as a country has made it easier for the country to effectively merge educational and effective social policies that focuses on blending the flow of knowledge between the West and the East in order to enhance the quality of education in the city state which in turn helps in the provision of better quality local labor supply (Olds, 2007). For example, the small size of the country particularly makes it easier to for the government to mobilize its strategic resources its objectives that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in larger countries across the world. Some of the successful objectives related to bridging the knowledge between the West and the East, that have been largely successful in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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