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Two Northern Ontarios Concept - Assignment Example

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The paper "Two Northern Ontario's Concept" discusses that the north trails other regions in terms of employment. The further north you move, the worse the problem of unemployment. When Ontario is compared to other regions in the county, the region as whole fares poorly…
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Two Northern Ontarios Concept
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Geography b 001 Assignment Option One On the map, draw a line that indicates what you think of as Northern Ontario. Why have you placed the line where it is?
The line separates the two regions. The southern part near the border with United States is heavily populated. As you move across the line, population density starts to decline. Economically and politically, the line separates the two regions. The southern part is amply represented politically but the northern part is marginalized. Additionally, the southern is more advanced economically compared to the northern region which relies on resource extraction.
Consider the idea that there are “two northern Ontarios”. Do you agree or disagree. Why? Feel free to use the map to explain
I do not agree that there are two northern Ontarios. Much Ontario lies with the Bones, Hamelin, and Wellers north. This place the region in the north although the region is not very northerly compared to other Canadian provinces.
The only distinct region in Ontario is the north and south. Over the years, the region that can be referred to as North Ontario registered a population decline. At the same time, southern Ontario gained population. In addition, the northern part is sparsely population but the southern regions have more people per square kilometer by more than 100 times. This population difference has not always been like that. According to statistics, northern Ontario has lost people due to emigration. The difference between the northern regions and the southern regions was probably not as large in the past.
Economy in the north has been characterized by boom and bush. This probably explains wild population changes. Migrations must have been dictated by this boom and bust cycles. This kind of boom/bust cycles are common with economies that rely heavily in resource extraction. As long as the resource has huge demand, the boom attracts people and bust pushes people into other regions. Population in the north could have been more stable if the region’s economy was more diverse. There is little manufacturing that can give people stable jobs.
The north trails other regions in terms of employment. The further north you move, the worse the problem of unemployment. When Ontario is compared to other regions in the county, the region as a whole fares poorly.
Politically, the region feels isolated from the rest of Ontario. The problems of employment and exclusion are worse in the north and this creates disaffection. As a result, Northern Ontario Heritage Party want a separate province for the north so that the region’s problems can be better articulated without submersing them in those of the more prosperous southern region and other parts of Ontario. Northern also consider the southern ignorant of the problems that are present in the north. To make matters worse, the low population of the north compared to the south means that political leadership comes from the south. This further marginalizes the north.

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